GOG 2010-11 #28: Tennessee 2

For the first time in 10 years the Wildcats will finish the regular season against someone other than the Gators.  Oddly enough, the last time UK played someone other than Florida to end the season it was 1999 and they lost at Tennessee.  Kentucky also has a chance to get their only two SEC road wins of the season at the only two places last year's dynamite team was unable to pull out the W.

Series History

Kentucky leads the series 145 - 66.  The Cats won the first meeting this season.

Basic Information

  • The Preseason GOG is here.  Follow the link if you have questions about what this whole GOG thing is about.
  • has information about Tennessee.
  • Congratulations to a2d2 and BigSkyCat for winning GOG 27!  Click the link for full results.


Special Note for the SEC Tournament GOG

In the past I've used the start of the UK game as the deadline for tournament GOGs.  I'm going to change that for the SECT and NCAAT and make the deadline the start of the tournament (for the NCAAT that will mean the start of Thursday's games, not the play-in games).  I'll have it posted a little earlier than usual because of this.  I also have some ideas for new question formats, so you have that to look forward to ;-)

Deadline for entries is tip-off 12:00 PM Sunday, March 6.

GOG 2010-11 #28: Tennessee 2 [Max 34 Points]

  1. At this point I know better than to ask who wins.  Is the game decided by 3 points or less? [ +/- 1 point] No
  2. How many points does UK score? [4/3/2/1 point] 64
  3. How many points does Tennessee score in the first half? [4/3/2/1 point] 29
  4. It'll be Senior Day for the Vols so they'll be hyped up which could mean they use the emotion to enhance their play or get overwhelmed by it and play out of control.  Out of their first 8 possessions, how many times do the Vols come away with points? [3 points] 3 times
  5. Likewise, UK will need to weather the early storm of emotion and not let it take them out of their game.  How many times do the Cats score in their first 8 possessions? [3 points] 1 time
  6. In the pre-game comments, Darius Miller noted the importance on not letting Tennessee get 2nd chance opportunities.  Which team grabs the most offensive rebounds? [ +/- 1 point] UK
  7. Brandon Knight is the reigning SEC Freshman of the week again.  Predict his made FG/assists/turnovers. [2 points each] 6/2/3
  8. Tobias Harris had a big game on the road against South Carolina.  Predict his missed FG/missed FT/turnovers. [2 points each] 6/0/2
  9. A win will require the upper classmen to have good games.  Predict Miller's points/Liggins' steals+blocks+def. rebounds/Harrellson's offensive rebounds. [2 points each] 15/5/3 (mad props to kcgard2 who got all three correct)
  10. Special Bonus: The game after UK/Tenn features a rematch of Ohio St/Wisconsin.  Predict the winner of the game as well as the number of points they score.  Everyone who picks correctly will earn 1 point and the closest guess to the score will earn 2 points (you must pick the winning team to be eligible for the 2 points). Ohio St in a route, scoring 93 points


Mean: 9.70
Median: 9.50
St. dev: 3.62



RK UserName PTS GOGS Played TOTAL PTS Rank by PTS AVERAGE Rank by AVG*
1 kydamcat 15 23 173 7 0.223 8
1 GoLightning 15 22 142 9 0.192 13
3 ukcris 12 20 165 8 0.243 7
4 kcgard2 11 27 229 3 0.253 3
5 BigSkyCat 10 28 229 3 0.244 6
6 a2d2 9 28 230 2 0.245 5
7 CATFAN85 8 11 78 13 0.211 12
8 floundringaround 7 28 204 5 0.217 10
9 btcoop71 5 27 238 1 0.262 2
9 wildcatfaninexile 5 12 90 12 0.215 11
kentuckygirl0724 17 125 10 0.219 9
  Ken Howlett   22 187 6 0.250 4
Ed R 7 59 16 0.252  
  vinceuk1   10 65 14 0.198  
triple_threat_stance 11 105 11 0.285 1
  dancoo626   5 40 17 0.221  
Magnoliacat 1 12 18 0.333  
  Wild Weasel   9 61 15 0.201  
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