Update from The Pepsi Center (The Can)

Yesterday, I tried to post from the Can and through user error, poor connectivity, distractions,  big fingers, and spell check made a mess of it.  Geez, BYU became buy, Jimmer became mummery and Stallings became something. So to clean it up and add a bit here goes:

1) Ville was never into the game.  They seemed sleepy. Siva was asleep.   Smith's ankle was huge. What you couldn't  see on TV was how no one helped him down the bench or into the locker room.  He hopped on his own.  Did this team have team issues at the end of the year? The final play was so gutsy.  I realized they were going for one shot with 12 left, but was stunned there wasn't a screen, move, or pass  Just bouncing the ball and a shot. Wow!  That was the truth.

2) Earlier this year I asked why isn't Vandy better.  Well seeing them in person answers all questions.  The softness you see on TV is a moon cast shadow to the softness one sees in person. Long rebounds hitting the floor.   Twice or maybe three times Anderson beats two Vandy players to long rebound that hit the floor.  No one puts a body on him. Soft cuts, soft finishes, soft defense.  Geez, you play that soft, you lose.  If that is the best Stallings can do with that talent, he needs to go.  

3) Even without the colors you can pick out Vandy fans.  They don't look like UL, MSU or UR fans.  Vandy's cheerleaders are remarkable unattractive btw.  Surprised by that.

4) Met a guy who played at Air Force and dad played at Purdue.  He was going to meet Keady later and I was going to go, but didn't. 

5) After Vandy, everyone had to leave the arena.  While waiting to reenter I chatted up a young man there with his son to see BYU.   Like most young men starting out, he obviously didn't have much, but he was taking his tow headed boy to see Jimmer.  The boy had a homemade Jimmer jersey (white tee shirt and blue ink) and couldn't be happier.  BYU is the UK of the Mountain TIme Zone.  Everywhere they go they have lots of fans and everybody else hates them.  

Speaking of UK, some guy started giving me heck over 1997 and Nazir's free throws.  Oh well I told him, maybe UA will go back to the final game sometime this century.

5)  BYU and Wofford was a terrible game. Jimmer was annoyed he wasn't getting the ball where he wanted it, he was was really getting bumped hard , BYU was playing nasty (as they can do) and Wofford just kept plugging away.  I said BYU would get sorted out at half and pull away and they did get it out to 14, but took longer than I thought.  

6) CU not getting in was topic of conversation between games and someone made the point well VCU did win.  I said, it didn't bother me that VCU, or ODU, or UR, or George Mason got in, what bothered me was USC, MSU, PSU and Nova.  Guess we will see about Nova today.

7) The Johnnies and the ZAGS!  My favorite WCC team and a chance to answer a question that has long bothered me:  Does Gene Keady have a toupee or a comb over.  After watching Gene through the binoculars and conirming it with folks around me  I finally know.  The comb over starts way down the left side of his head and wow that  hair is long.  To each his own, but he ought to go with the #0 or #1.

With that answered, the ZAGS got on top early, stayed there and never looked like getting off.  This team has one senior.  Keep that in mind when you watch them.  Sacre remains soft around the rim and David Stockton is going to be a star.  Got knocked around a bit  at 150 pounds.  We found John in the binoculars when David had a TO.  John grimaced just like any father would. I think the ZAGS are going to be really tough next year.  

8) Youngest daughter will be back from the Bay today and will go with me tomorrow. That will be fun.  Morehead over the Spiders and the Catholics over the Mormons is how I see it.

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