GOG 2011-12 #06: Semester Break

UK enters the between semester break period of the season with the next 4 games coming at home against small conference schools. With no classes to worry about there will be lots of time available for practice and we could really start to see the team begin to mesh over the next couple of weeks heading into the annual big game against Louisville.

Tentative Upcoming GOG Schedule (to help you plan your GOGness):

GOG #6: Chattanooga, Samford, Loyola (MD), Lamar

GOG #7: Louisville

GOG #8: Arkansas-Little Rock

Entries are due by tip-off at 8:00 PM Saturday, December 17.

*I removed question #10 since no one got any part correct due to Jones being injured, this will only affect the GOG Scoring Average for each player.

GOG 2011-12 #06: Semester Break [71 65 points]

  1. What is UK's highest single game point total during these four games? [4/3/2/1 points] 87
  2. How many games will UK score 87 or more points? [3 points] 2
  3. What is the lowest point total by an opponent during this stretch? [4/3/2/1 points] 50
  4. How many games will UK hold their opponent to 50 or fewer points? [3 points] 1
  5. What will UK largest Margin of Victory be? [4/3/2/1 points] 32
  6. Kentucky's season high single game Offensive Efficiency is 141.6 points per 100 possessions. Does UK match or exceed that mark in any of the four games? [+1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] no
  7. Which Kentucky player scores the most combined points for these games? [4 points] Lamb (71)
  8. Twany Beckham is eligible starting Saturday against Chattanooga. Does he play in that game? [+1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] yes
  9. Predict Beckham's combined Minutes/Assists/Turnovers for the 4 games. [2 points each, 6 points total] 18/1/0
  10. Bounceback: Predict Terrence Jones' Points/Rebounds/Dunks against Chattanooga. [2 points each, 6 points total]
  11. What is Darius Miller's 3pt FG% for these 4 games? Answers within 3 will be counted correct. [3 points] 40.9%
  12. How many total 3pt FG Attempts will Doron Lamb have in these 4 games? [4 points] 20
  13. A new toy: Which UK player has the highest Game Score against Lamar (click link for explanation)? [3 points] MKG (19.9)
  14. Chattanooga's best offensive player is Ricky Taylor due mostly to excellent 3pt and FT shooting. Predict his Points/Made 3pt FGs/FT Attempts. [2 points each, 6 points total] 11/2/4
  15. Samford was the slowest team in D1 last year and they are amongst the slowest teams this year at just under 66.2 possessions per game (UK averages 70.6 possessions per game). Over/Under 67.5 possessions in the UK-Samford game? [+1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] Under (60 possession game)
  16. The 3 point shot is a big part of Samford's game: over half of their FG attempts come from beyond the arc. What percentage of Samford's field goal attempts are 3 pointers? What percentage of Samford's points come from made 3 pointers? Answers within 3 will be counted correct. [3 points each, 6 points total] 34.8% of FGAs were 3's, only 18% of their scoring came from the arc
  17. Loyola (MD) is probably the best team of the four that UK will face. They are an outstanding offensive rebounding team and they get to the line a lot. How many offensive rebounds does Loyola grab? What is the Free Throw Attempt differential (UK FTA minus Loyola FTA)? [4 points each, 8 points total] 12 Off Rebounds, UK +21 attempts at the line
  18. Kentucky plays the Lamar Cardinals as their last tuneup for the Louisville Cardinals. Earlier this year, Louisville beat Lamar by 20 points. Does UK beat Lamar by 21 or more? [+1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] yes
  19. Kentucky currently grabs 38.6% of their own missed shots. Lamar is a very good defensive rebounding team, only allowing their opponents to grab 28.4% of their own misses. What is UK's Offensive Rebound % for the game? Answers within 3 will be counted correct. [3 points] 31.2 ORB%

<!-- BODY,DIV,TABLE,THEAD,TBODY,TFOOT,TR,TH,TD,P { font-family:"Arial"; font-size:x-small } -->
1 kcgard2 24 4 45 7 0.214 7
2 ukcris 23 5 52 5 0.194 10
3 a2d2 21 6 91 1 0.277 3
4 Ken Howlett 19 2 29 10 0.264 4
5 Wild Weasel 14 6 69 4 0.210 9
6 btcoop71 13 6 78 3 0.238 6
7 GoLightning 11 6 86 2 0.262 5
8 EagleTDL 10 3 28 11 0.172 14
9 sweasyf 7 3 32 9 0.194 11
10 wildcatfaninexile 6 3 28 11 0.178 12
11 floundringaround
5 46 6 0.175 13
11 jc25
2 33 8 0.314 1
11 shakfu
1 10 14 0.167 15
11 benginat0r
1 17 13 0.28 2
11 cakeonyou
1 10 14 0.21 8
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