Week 11 SEC Bowl Projections

Hey Joe- Where was this face when something more than a game was at stake?

We are finally getting down to the nitty gritty and the SEC Bowl picture is taking shape, as are the conference races.  An All-SEC National Championship game is still very much in play, and we'll talk more about that after Oregon v. Stanford this Saturday.  Since the SEC can only have 2 team in BCS bowls regardless, that doesn't have any impact on where the other teams end up.  I've seen a couple of national sites botch the SEC picks recently. So first, I'll go over the rules.  Since the SEC is a lead pipe cinch to get 2 teams into BCS bowls, the rest of it breaks down like this.  Unless otherwise noted, the bowls can pick any 6-6 or better SEC team they wish.

1. The Capital One Bowl get the first pick after the BCS.  It must select either the remaining team with the best overall record, or a team within one game of the best overall record.

2. The Cotton and Outback Bowls pick next and in conjunction.  Both are free to pick a team from either division, but the Cotton gets dibs on its preferred team from the SEC West and the Outback preference for an Eastern team.  In other words, if both pick the same team that team's division is the deciding factor.

3. The Chick-Fil-A Bowl picks next, then the Gator. 

4. The Liberty and Music City Bowls pick simultaneously.  If both pick the same team, that team decides which bid to accept, and the other makes its next choice.

5.The BBVA Compass Bowl picks last.

6. Any SEC team at 6-6 or better that is not picked for an SEC bowl may accept a bid from another bowl whose conference tie-ins cannot fill their allotment.  This hasn't happened in the SEC in my memory, but it was a distinct possibility at some point last year and still mathematically possible now.

In any event:


LSU Tigers v. Oklahoma St. Cowboys

Sugar Bowl

Alabama Crimson Tide v. Boise St. Broncos

Capital One Bowl

Arkansas Razorbacks v. Wisconsin Badgers

Cotton Bowl

Georgia Bulldogs v. Texas Longhorns

Outback Bowl

South Carolina Gamecocks v. Nebraska Cornhuskers


Auburn Tigers v. Georgia Tech Ramblin' Wreck


Florida Gators v. Penn St. Cowardly Lions

Music City Bowl

Vanderbilt Commodores v. Virginia Cavaliers

Liberty Bowl

Mississippi St. Bulldogs v. Houston Cougars

BBVA Compass Bowl

No SEC team available.

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