GOG 2010-11 #013: @Georgia

The Cats open SEC play on the road against a good Georgia squad.  Last year Kentucky was the only SEC East team to beat Georgia in Athens and the Dawgs should prove to be just as tough at home this year.


Series History

Kentucky leads 112 - 24.  UK won both meetings last year.

Basic Information

  • The Preseason GOG is here.  Follow the link if you have questions about what this whole GOG thing is about.
  • has information about Georgia
  • Congratulations to floundringaround and Ken Howlett for winning GOG 12!  Follow the link for full results.

Deadline for entries is tip-off 4:00 PM Saturday, January 8.

GOG 2010-11 #013: @Georgia [Max 35 Points]

  1. Who wins the game? [ +/- 1 point] Georgia
  2. How many points does UK score? [ 4/3/2/1 points] 70
  3. How many points does Georgia score? [ 4/3/2/1 points] 77
  4. Georgia has played a lot of close games: 6 wins by 3 points or less, 13 of 15 games decided by single digits.  Is the final margin in this game 7 points or less?  (This does not have to agree with your score predictions) [ +/- 1 point] Yes
  5. Kentucky and Georgia are 5th and 10th in the nation respectively in Block %.  How many combined blocks for both teams? How many players block multiple shots? [3 points each] 7 and 1
  6. Scoring three points at a time the old fashioned way.  How many "and 1" opportunities do the Cats get?  That is, how many times are they fouled while making a field goal?  How many times do they convert those "and 1" chances? [3 points each] 3 and 3
  7. Trey Tompkins is a beast.  He is 11th in the country in the % of his team's shots taken and is hitting them at a terrific 53.6% rate.  Predict his made 2pt FG shots/2pt FG attempts/rebounds. [2 points each] 7/13/7
  8. I have a feeling that we'll see a renewed Terrence Jones in this game.  Predict his plus/minus score/Roland Rating/Offensive Rating for the game.  You can go to Statsheet to see these results in previous games (just check the box score for each game).  To earn points you must be within 7 for the plus/minus and RR, and within 25 for the Offensive Rating. [2 points each] -4/-1/110.9
  9. Who wins the UK-Pitt Bowl Game?  I realize the game will likely be over before the start of this game, so I am going to give a bonus point to anyone who answers this correctly and submits their GOG answers before the football game begins. [ +/- 1 point] Pitt
  10. Bonus: How many combined points does the football team and basketball team score on Saturday?  The closest answer will get 2 points and anyone within 11 will get a bonus point. 80 - BigSjyCat and ukchris each tied for the closest answer

Clarification on #8:  As an example: In the Penn Game Jones had a plus/minus score of +15, a Roland Rating of +6, and an offensive rating of 121.5.

From Offensive Rating (or ORtg): "for players it is points produced per 100 posessions".  You can view Ortg's for individual games by looking at box scores on Statsheet.


Mean: 6.22
Median: 6
St. dev: 2.68



1 Ken Howlett 10 12 116 2 0.29 3
1 vinceuk1 10 3 21 14 0.21
3 floundringaround 7 13 94 5 0.22 7
3 a2d2 7 13 102 4 0.23 6
5 BigSkyCat 6 13 105 3 0.24 4
5 kcgard2 6 12 94 5 0.23 5
7 btcoop71 4 13 130 1 0.3 2
7 ukchris 4 5 34 13 0.19
9 kydamcat 2 8 56 11 0.2 8

8 88 7 0.33 1

3 16 15 0.15

10 58 10 0.17 11

10 67 8 0.2 10

5 40 12 0.22

1 12 16 0

Wild Weasel
9 61 9 0.2 9
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