For Homers n Haters n Master(de)baters

 The following thread comments were taken from ESPN "Conversation" after the Kentucky-Penn game. Only those parts relevant to my discussion are included (i.e. there were other contributors in-between these comments). It begins after a number fans/haters insisted on making a litany of derogatory remarks about Kentucky's past issues, which we have all heard countless times and in varying formats and degrees:


thom_adams ME (1/4/2011 at 12:10 AM)


    For homers and haters and master(de)baters, liars and losers, from the citrus to the Cusers...

    1998-99 - Won 28, Lost 9
    SEC Tournament Champions 2nd SEC East (11-5) Ranked 8th AP, t5th USA Today

    1999-2000 - Won 23, Lost 10
    Co-SEC Champions (12-4) So-SEC East Champions Preseason NIT Runner-Up Ranked 19th AP, 20th USA Today

    2000-01 - Won 24, Lost 10
    Co-SEC Champions (12-4) CO-SEC East Champions SEC Tournament Champions Ranked 9th AP, 8th ESPN/USA Today

    2001-02 - Won 22, Lost 10
    Co-SEC East Champions (10-6) Ranked 16th AP, 13th ESPN/USA Today

    2002-03 - Won 32, Lost 4
    SEC Eastern Division Champions (16-0) SEC Champions SEC Tournament Champions Ranked 1st AP, 4th ESPN/USA

    2003-04 - Won 27, Lost 5
    SEC East Champions (13-3) SEC Tournament Champions Ranked 2nd AP, 8th USA Today/ESPN

    2004-05 - Won 28, Lost 6
    SEC Champions (14-2) SEC East Champions Ranked 7th AP, 5th USA Today/ESPN Coach

    2004-05 - Won 28, Lost 6
    SEC Champions (14-2) SEC East Champions Ranked 7th AP, 5th USA Today/ESPN Coach

    2005-06 - Won 22, Lost 13

    2006-07 - Won 22, Lost 12

    2007-08 - Won 18, Lost 13

    2008-09 - Won 22, Lost 14

    2009-2010 - Won 35, Lost 3 SEC East Champions Ranked 2nd AP, 2nd ESPN?USA Today

    These ten years render us irrelevant? I don't think so... I think you are.

    collagehoops52 (1/4/2011 at 2:44 AM) Report Violation

  • im not disagreeing with UK being talented .... im not targeting "UK" .... but reality is that if a "foul" is called then the shot on the other end of the floor in transistion "never happens" ... the game wasnt called fairly ... and as for CAL ... if somebody else offers him more money to coach somewhere else he will go .. just like UK did for him to leave memphis ... he provides a University for players to do theyre one year of collage and get to the NBA ... that's his recruiting method .... the countless amounts of agents and NBA coaches that he knows is a garentee for these kids to get in the pros ... same thing anywhere he coaches ... he was fired from the NETS bc the players didnt want to listen to him anymore ....he was hired in NCAA bc he can garentee schools great incomers so the teams are good ...and the fans come the school can make MONEY !! .... if yould like to follow a real coach .... make a trip to durham .... meet coach K ... he acctually has his name on the court......and his player 95% of the time graduate from DUKE..... thats why they win championships.... and thats why they are the #1 team in the country... the game against penn is over and will b a memory now ... CAL brings these guys in to get them to the NBA not to win a championship at UK


thom_adams (1/4/2011 at 3:09 AM)

collagehoiops52 - i assume with your atrocious spelling you are not one of those fortunate enough to have graduated from that esteemed university? As such, what is your argument about not finishing school? How many DUKE grads will be making more money than John Wall, Demarcates Cousins, and that fellow poor speller Eric Bedsore? Or is there some higher, more esoteric reason one should earn their degree... like learning to spell?


Your type sicken me not because you combine enough basketball ignorance with arrogance to smell up cyberspace itself... but because you are "LIFE" ignorant and broadcast it and infect others who don't (or can't) see through your game.You know nothing about Coach Cal, or Coach K for that matter,,, and well... I've just realized it's not worth my sincere effort or time to educate perhaps you'll #### before you embarrass yourself any further...


collagehoops52 (1/5/2011 at 2:14 AM) Report Violation

Bottom Line - UK is a circus....all of u fans are just so blind to see whats really going on here .... alls CAL needs to do is tell a HS player ...i can garentee you the NBA .... a true statement ....and they will reply ...where do i sign .....its actually a pretty genius idea ....UK basketball is an investment for the school to make money ... u people will respond harsh to this bc u love uk and they are your team..... but u will never win a championship and will b lucky to c a final four anytime soon....and Cal could care less if that happens anyway .... bc at the end of the day he still walks away with 35 million large...and everyone that he recruits gets to be a millionare playing basketball with no education......and its not just UK its all over ..... as for knight and jones returning to UK...theyre is a better chance of dartmouth winning the tourny ....i hope i had enough spelling errors this


thom_adams (1/5/2011 at 7:03 PM)


    you really don't get it, do you? first, it's true that UK fans tend to feel more ownership in the program than they do elsewhere. why? i don't know but it probably has to do with the deep tradition we've built around the program. growing up in Kentucky one is brought up to feel that each of us have a say in what happens even if its critical of what IS happening. Cat fans feel its their god-given right to say whats on their mind about even the smallest detail... though its highly likely no one is really listening. So what? Its fun.

    Now, what is your hang up on education? Coach is worried about helping these young men to grow in more ways than mere book knowledge and wallet size. whether or not they graduate is left up to them after he has helped instill in them the need to be better PEOPLE. Not one of them will tell you they LEFT him a "worse" person than whence they came. I could go on here but I don't have the time...

    Whats important is: whats it to you how we feel and act if we aren't #U#King with you? We don't care about your team... why care so much about ours? I've been around DUKE more than I have UK basketball and i can say for certain:



Now... my reason for copying these excerpts is to point out some trends I've noticed when reading NCAAB threads, and to ask other fans about their own experiences and feelings toward these haters. Am I crazy, OR do my own impressions of these posters as being ignorant Haters match up with other UK basketball fan's impressions?


  1. Why is ONE AND DONE considered solely a Caliper/Kentucky phenomena without seemingly touching other big time universities and programs? Are fans so ignorant that they don't realize that the 1-an-D issue is the result of an NBA ruling not the NCAA's, and certainly not Kentucky''s? And do they understand that it's completely within the guidelines and rules as set forth by the NCAA? Are we supposed to overlay some (better?) moral judgment against it and refuse to recruit players of this type?


  2. Why do Calipari/Kentucky NCAAB discussions nearly always end up with "vacated" final fours and "probation"? Are these dim-wits afraid to admit or just unaware that Calipari was allowed to walk free in the same manner that Coach K has at Duke or Roy Williams at Carolina? Or that in the dynamic world of CB, cheater Universities get caught... do their probationary sentence... and move on (almost always Bruce Pearl) under new management? I mean, is it still my fault that Thomas Jefferson owned slaves?


  3. By studying the above chart, is it fair to say that our past tens years have been "irrelevant".


  4. Can a Coach (Calipari) be respected even if he doesn't win a Natty? Without it, are good recruiters destined to be considered poor bench coaches? Are there never enough years of great teams and good deeds to cover a few accusations of grey-area cheating?


  5. In education, is finishing school by earning a degree the only way a man can achieve true respect from an ignorant hater? Is just helping young men mature into better people not worthy of one's respect? Do haters even realize that Calipari teams actually have a history HIGH graduation rates?

And then, in the end... is there a place (on the internet) one can go to discuss, argue, and debate college basketball with intelligent beings who are fans of other fine basketball traditions like Kentucky? If so... please point me to it.

(I apologize for the formatting, etc... as the FanPost Editor is far beyond my own comprehension)





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