GOG 2010-11 #17: South Carolina

UK heads to the house of horrors in Columbia still seeking their first SEC road win.  The Gamecocks find themselves tied with Florida for the division lead in what is proving to be a tightly contested SEC season.  A victory would go a long way to appeasing the masses as well as put Kentucky in a much better position in the conference going forward.   On a personal level, as Clemson fan I desperately do not want South Carolina to beat UK again.


Series History

 Kentucky leads the series 42 - 10, although the Cats have dropped the last two games in Columbia.

Basic Information

  • The Preseason GOG is here.  Follow the link if you have questions about what this whole GOG thing is about.
  • has information about South Carolina.
  • Congratulations to kcgard2 for winning GOG16!  Follow the link for full results.

Deadline for entries is tip-off 6:00 PM Saturday, January 22.

For #10, you want to list how many points Jones will score before picking up the indicated foul.  His points scored before his second foul will by definition also include his points scored before his first foul, etc.

GOG 2010-11 #17: South Carolina [Max 35 Points]

  1. Who wins the game? [ +/- 1 point] UK
  2. How many points does UK score? [4/3/2/1 point] 67
  3. How many points does South Carolina score? [4/3/2/1 point] 58
  4. South Carolina's two SEC home games have both gone to OT.  Does this game play an extra session? [+/- 1 point] no
  5. Freshmen Triumvirate: How many times do Knight, Jones, and Lamb assist each other on a made field goal? [3 points] 4
  6. Does Darius Miller make it 4 games in a row with double figure scoring? [+/- 1 point] yes
  7. Sam Muldrow - who seems to have been around since the Eddie Fogler era - is having a strong year and has thwarted the Cats on many occasions.  Predict his missed FG/blocks/defensive rebounds. [2 points each] 5/3/8
  8. How they start: Out of UK's first 10 FG attempts, how many are 3's?  [3 points] 3
  9. Murphy's Law: South Carolina is one of the worst teams in the nation when it comes to free throws, both in getting to the line (17 FTA per game) and knocking them down (62.6 FT%) so of course they will go 35 for 40 from the line this game.  How many FT attempts for the Gamecocks and how many do the make? [3 points each] 17 of 26
  10. Can Jones make an impact without getting into foul trouble?  Predict his points scored before his 1st foul/before his 2nd foul/before his 3rd foul. [2 points each] 12/12/14
  11. Bonus: How many total shot attempts (FGA+FTA) are there in the game (both teams combined)?  The closest answer will get 2 points and everyone within 5 of the correct answer will get 1 point. 159


Mean: 6.92
Median: 7
St. dev: 3.06



RK UserName PTS GOGS Played TOTAL PTS Rank by PTS AVERAGE Rank by AVG*
1 kentuckygirl0724 12 12 80 9 0.2 12
2 Ken Howlett 11 15 142 1 0.28 2
3 ukcris 9 9 61 11 0.2 11
4 kydamcat 8 12 93 8 0.23 7
4 a2d2 8 17 132 5 0.23 6
4 GoLightning 8 13 78 10 0.18 13
7 kcgard2 6 16 134 4 0.25 4
7 wildcatfaninexile 6 4 22 15 0.15
9 floundringaround 5 17 118 6 0.21 9
9 vinceuk1 5 7 49 13 0.21 8
11 BigSkyCat 4 17 136 3 0.24 5
12 btcoop71 1 16 139 2 0.26 3

2 19 16 0

9 95 7 0.31 1

5 40 14 0.22

1 12 17 0

Wild Weasel
9 61 11 0.2 10


*40% GOGs played needed to be ranked by average

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