SEC Power Poll, Week 3: The Sleeper Has Awakened


It is a measure of how busy I have been lately that I completely neglected to either vote or link to the SEC Power Poll, a poll I helped create and host on my own website.  That is some weak stuff.

But I am back in the saddle at last, and today's Power Poll has some good news for the Wildcats -- namely that for the moment, they are past the Dancing With The Stars reference -- they are not in the bottom two.

In fact, the 'Cats are firmly mid-pack, and after playing Louisville and two Weak Sisters of the Poor, that is no small feat in this tough crowd.  All it will take, though, is a shellacking at The Swamp for voters to turn and rend us as paper tigers.

My ballot follows the jump.

Rank Team cWL W-L SoS This week PF-PA MoV Polls ncoWL Comment
1 Alabama
3-0 58.15 Won at Duke 134-19 38.3 1 5-7 Drilled Duke, to nobody's surprise
2 Florida 1-0 3-0 58.70 Won at Tennessee 103-43 20.0 9,8 8-3 Beat the Vols at home yet again, but didn't look that strong to me.
3 Arkansas 1-0 3-0 59.69 Won at Georgia 106-34 24.0 10,11 6-5 Mallett looks good, and the Hawgs are a major threat.
4 South Carolina 1-0 3-0 58.02 Beat Furman 96-38 19.3 12 6-5 Unimpressive victory over a weak team. Is this the real Gamecocks or just a down week.
5 LSU 2-0 3-0 53.42 Beat Mississippi State 86-34 17.3 15,12 4-5 Winning the games they are supposed to win, but an offensive juggernaut they aren't.
6 Auburn 1-0 3-0 57.46 Beat Clemson 96-64 10.7 17,14 4-7 Beat a good team, gotta give 'em props.
7 Kentucky
3-0 38.29 Beat Akron 133-54 26.3
3-9 3-0 at cupcake swallowing. If you are going to play cupcakes, look good doing it. UK has.
8 Georgia 0-2 1-2 54.47 Lost to Arkansas 85-55 10.0
6-5 How badly does Mark Richt want to strangle A.J. Green right now?
9 Mississippi 0-1 1-2 60.68 Lost to Vanderbilt 89-90 -0.3
7-2 When you lose this year at Vanderbilt, most of your lug nuts are on the highway.
10 Mississippi State 0-2 1-2 58.91 Lost at LSU 70-53 5.7
6-5 MSU is offensively challenged again.
11 Vanderbilt 1-1 1-2 55.75 Won at Mississippi 52-64 -4.0
6-6 Great job, great win. Have fun with the next game.
12 Tennessee 0-1 1-2 54.95 Lost to Florida 80-79 0.3
6-6 Well, at least it wasn't 48-13 or something.

Other observations:

  • If I could do it all again, I would swap Ole Miss and Tennessee.
  • How much of this can Mark Rich take?  He is looking like a swayback mule these days.
  • Alabama looks like it could handle Green Bay right now.
  • LSU is a bunch of great athletes running around and winning games.  They just seem to have no cohesion.
  • Auburn could be better than I thought.
  • South Carolina still mystifies me.  They should be crushing the Furmans of the world like a bug.

That's enough.  Your comments go below. 

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