A couple of things before I get started.  1.  ALMOST all of what follows(and ALL of the intellegent material) is plagerized from another site.  The site AM doesn't mind , since most of HIS stuff is plagerized also.   2.  You can replace "DickRod" and other Uof M references with UofL/TN/whoever. 

Lest we forget, Michigan’s self-imposed sanctions for their egregious series of misbehaviors has two more epilogues approaching. The first occurs in a week when the NCAA body rules on what those sanctions ought to be; in other words, is the self-imposed list appropriate? Or do the dilly-dallying goombahs at NCAA Central “go all USC” on the poor little arrogant weasels from Aunt Arbor?

The second, and less discussed area of concern might be the wholly separate sanctions awaiting Coach Rich Rodriguez himself. Hard to believe that he could open himself up to such an inquiry but it’s true. When the NCAA served notice of allegations to the university in February, concerning the football team, it also served separate notices to both Coach Rich Rodriguez and graduate assistant coach, Alex Herron. Although the three notices were substantially the same, outlining similar allegations, the second set of notices made abundantly clear that if the NCAA determines violations have indeed occurred, they could impose separate sanctions on Rodriguez and Herron, in addition to any sanctions against the university.

While it’s not expected that the punishment meted for the alleged crimes will be anything more than probation or limiting time at practices, it certainly signals more embarrassment for a once-proud Michigan program and their hugely bad mis-hire of this over-matched guy. Hey – the NCAA stipulates that they COULD impose sanctions all the way up to an SMU-type death penalty or even a “permanent prohibition from competition” – the equivalent of a personal coaching death penalty for DickRod.

You say, quit picking on this poor mountain weasel? That everyone’s entitled to a mistake on a new job, right?

Well, it turns out that The Dickster had similar issues at his old school in Morgantown and – what’s that? - “On April 12, officials at West Virginia University confirmed that the NCAA met with football officials concerning possible rule violations”. The NCAA-ers go on to say: "The NCAA has met with individuals involved with the West Virginia University football program to identify any rules violations," the university said, in a written, issued statement. "The University has fully cooperated with the NCAA during this process." According to various media reports, the inquiry by the NCAA included Rodriguez's time as head football coach. Then, this past Thursday WVU received a Notice of Allegations from the NCAA that focuses on activities of grad assistants, student managers and other non-coaching staff. WVU says these allegations span 2005-2009 (both Rodriguez and Stewart eras).

There is the specter that the potential penalties from his WVA capers could affect his tenuous tenure at Michigan. "Individual sanctions or restrictions imposed on a coach would generally carry with them," said Rick Karcher, an associate professor of law and director of the Center for Law & Sports at the Florida Coastal School of Law. "If Rodriguez received a separate notice of allegations, then he will be responsible for responding," said Michael Buckner, a lawyer who has represented clients who were subjects of NCAA enforcement proceedings. "And who will respond? Is it his own legal counsel?"

I say that the Bucket will miss DickRod every bit as much as we miss Charlie Cheeseburger and that I am going to have to work even harder for material once all the clowns are banished to other pursuits…

It's no secret that DickRod is on the hot seat at UM.  Soooooooo....any guesses at who the leader is to replace him? That's right!  Les Miles, former UM man.  They tried to get LM before but were turned down.  Of course, that was right after LM had won the NC.  Since he's been relegated to using his own recruits, life on the field hasn't been nearly as sunny for LM.  Personally, I'd like to see DickRod stay at UM forever.  ;)

Anyway, I digress.  Wouldn't it be nice to see the NCAA severely sanction COACHES and assistants?  The Eddie Suttons, Sampsons, Weavers and their ilk couldn't just run off to a smaller program and open up shop again. 

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