This week has been full of a whole boatload of nonsense and I just decided to put a few things down and vent just a little

1) Do unto others......Some people really ought to learn this lesson well my former statements early on in my blogging career are hereby retracted. Every Night Should Be Saturday Night is a lousy blog.

2)Twitter is the most idiotic invention of the internet.

3) All coaches should be required to wear one of those little mini "spy-cam's" and when the people on the internet see that they are about to do something stupid, they get to hit ctrl/ alt/ home and the coach's sidekick automatically puts them in a car and drives them home.

4) No woman, no matter how beautiful she looks after 7 rounds of Maker's Mark, is worth losing everything you have over.

5) You should have to pass a test and get a license before you are allowed to write anything down on paper OR the internet that concerns the character of someone else.

6) I would like a new post established at UK. Dean Of Department Of Ignorance. All the person has to do is deal with morons like Michael O'Brien.

7) "Embracing The Hate" is starting to take on a whole new meaning. We are going to have to give out pamphlets or something to everyone who associates themselves with UK in any way.

8) All members of the press should be mandated to take ethics training . And be held accountable for fines and disbarrment from their profession for writing anything they cannot prove in open court.

9) If I was a Syracuse fan I wouldn't have to deal with this crap. Of course I would have to deal with being a Syracuse fan.

10) How does someone, admit to inappropriate behavior in a public place, have witnesses corroborate his story, try to cover up getting someone pregnant, pay for an abortion, send his son packing off to Florida to avoid him having to deal with the embarrassment, not to mention doing all of this while having a morals clause in their contract not lose their job?

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