I Am Really Going To MIss.......

A lot of things about last year's college football season. But I am looking forward to this year. But just for fun, I had to go back and take note of what will never be the same.

First, I am going to miss Bobby Bowden. And yes I think he got a lousy sendoff, but not for the reason you might think. Bowden has been at this a long time. He should have planned his exit better.

 Also, Rich Brooks, mostly because I don't think I will ever hear about Tomatoes growing in the garden in the same sentence with a football prediction again. 

Lane Kiffin. I was really looking forward to griping about his nonsense down in Knoxville for years to come. Of course if the NCAA has their way it could still happen.

Knowing what games I have to watch. Used to, I could pick the wins and losses by looking at the schedule. Now I have no idea what to think. We could possibly win 10-11 games this year. My Saturdays are going to be full all season.

Being the underdog. Other than the Florida game, I do not see us being the underdog in any other game by more than 3 pts. Lord help anyone who tries to bet the spread against us this year.

Tailgating. This is the first year in a long time that I could not get advance tickets from someone for a game. Yes, I know some are still on sale, but I used to get discounted tickets. No More.....Thanks Joker!!!

Off-Season. Used to be there was a space of time from April 1st to Sept 1st that I could rest up and unwind from the previous Basketball/Football season and the grind of it all. But noooooooooooo. Cal shows up and blows his stuff up, Joker and Mitchell follow suit and start doing things year round and BLAM! No more off-season.So much for my vacations from all things sports related. Oh and just for good measure my Reds have to go and start winning too......what in the world is going on here??? Now I am going to have to start worrying about that 2012 Mayan thingy.

Vacation hassles. I used to be able to leave the country and not be bothered just because I put on a Kentucky T-shirt or jacket and went out in public. Now I cannot even walk across Vatican City without some guy in a all-black suit and a white collar or a red cape and white collar wanting to know if I can introduce him to J.C.( I thought they already knew the guy!?!?!?)

And lastly, there is now no way on God's Green Earth that I can afford floor seats at Rupp. Even if I could scrape up the ticket price, I gotta pay off some booster club just to get to buy them to the tune of 5K. Pretty soon I will have to do the same thing for football and I will be in serious trouble even if I would pay full price for a ticket.


The world is going straight down the tubes!!!

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