The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Rumors of the BBDM's Demise Have Been Wildly Exaggerated

Yes, I know I have been less than attentive to the Big Blue Daily Mail.  Consider this an apology.  Now, who wants to come organize my office so I have time to write more?  Beuller?  Anyone?

Now, for the news:

  • Already, it's Brandon Knight vs. John Wall - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

    Sure, Knight has that potential. But John Wall was an All-American as a freshman. He led a dominant team of NBA talent to a 35-3 overall record and an Elite Eight appearance. He was as physically gifted as any player we've seen in the past 10 years, and his intuitive leadership ability was almost unnatural for a player his age. He wasn't perfect -- you could make the argument that DeMarcus Cousins was vastly more productive -- but man, Wall was really good. He was the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft for a reason, you guys.

    Eamonn Brennan takes me gently to task about my comments in re: Brandon Knight, and I do understand his point.

    My reasoning, though, is based on observation.  Brandon Knight played much better in Canada than Wall did very early in the season.  That is simply a fact, and the competition was similar, although the conditions of the contest were substantially different.

    Does that prove my suggestion that Knight will likely be a better college player?  No, not really, but it does give me some basis for the comment.  Knight has so far played the game with more "feel" than Wall, and less raw, spectacular athleticism.  Eammon is totally correct that Knight has a long way to go to be able to duplicate Wall's plaudits, but let's be honest -- everyone who was voting for Wall knew he was a singular, generational talent before he ever stepped on the court.  Knight isn't like that.  Therefore, his threshold for accolades is automatically higher.

    Knight is likely to average better numbers than Wall this season, but it is also likely that he won't be player of the year or even runner-up, unless Kentucky is able to substantially duplicate the 35-3 record they had last year.  In the end, the superlatives are more a matter of perception than actual accomplishments.  They tend to be highly subjective, as we all know.  This is not to minimize what Wall did, but to explain that Player of the Year watch lists are not the standard to be using, if anyone actually is.

    I know Knight doesn't have Wall's physical gifts, but it is obvious from just these three games that he makes better decisions and plays more under control.  That's not really subjective, that's objective, and it was reflected in his statistics.  That isn't proof of my argument, but just a bit of supporting evidence.  Obviously, a lot more is needed before we can make definitive statements, and I am proudly hedging right now.

  • Rush The Court " Shawne Merriman Wants To Go "Lights Out" On Christian Laettner

    Christian Laettner's business efforts don't seem to be going very well.  Karma is a bitch, Christian.  Somewhere, Aminu Timberlake has a satisfied smile on his face.

  • Summertime and the winning is easy for Kentucky basketball team | | The Courier-Journal

    "These three games were important," Liggins said. "We got better, and we know what Coach Cal wants. It was big for the freshmen."

    I think DeAndre is right on the mark.

  • Wildcats Thunder Blog: UK to be on ESPN Super Tuesday 4 times
  • Gilchrist still ranked No. 1
  • Everyone is Talking About Knight

    Brandon Knight is impressing people left and right after his tremendous play in Canada. Even though he wasn't playing against elite competition, Knight's play in Canada left UK fans with excitement for the upcoming season. Knight scored 31, 17, and 27 in UK's three exhibition games.

    Brandon was terrific.  I expected him to be very good, but he was better than that.

  • Q&A with kicker Joe Mansour | Vaught's Views
  • Kentucky Wildcats Stats from Canada
  • UK notes: Trip a great value at $35,000 |

    "I'll tell you what, we just got a lot of work done," said Calipari, who noted how he did not want the head start to lead to peaking too early. So he said he might give the players as much as two weeks off before resuming basketball activities.

    Awesome.  I love it when the coach is happy.

  • Money Players: Summer’s Heat wave could help break labor impasse

    So why did Cousins "slip" in the draft to the fifth pick overall? Prior to the draft, delved in Cousins’ character issues, writing: "So why isn't Cousins projected as a top 3 pick? One scout when asked about Cousins chances of going top 5 texted me this (over a week ago): ‘No way. mental issues. he is on bigtime meds i hear. not athletic enough for me talent wise …"

    What a crock.  The author of this piece, Marc Isenberg, scoffs at this "scout," and rightly so.  I hope his team fires him for stupidity.  Nah, they probably agree with him. But they won't like playing him, that I guarantee.

    Read the whole thing.  Good blog.

  • OFFICIAL: Reaction To BYU Going Independent In Football With All Other Sports To Join The WAC - Mountain West Connection

    BYU is officially going to crawl back to the WAC in all sports and then flex their muscles by attempting to go independent in football

    I'm sorry, I just don't get this.

  • ROUGH DRAFT: THE PRESEASON BLOGPOLL BALLOT, 1-10 - Every Day Should Be Saturday

    So with that we pronounce this first shot at a preseason poll an unhappy living/dead combo of the two approaches, which leans a little heavily towards the ballsy and ballsy-stupid method of a horrible half-frog, half-goat beast configured thusly:

    Go read and enjoy.

  • THE CURIOUS INDEX, 8/18/2010 - Every Day Should Be Saturday
  • Charlie Strong addresses Cardinal nation - Card Chronicle

    -Players are now expected to follow five core vaules:

    1) Be honest
    2) Treat women with respect
    3) No drugs
    4) No stealing
    5) No weapons (added)

    This is sage advice for every team, Cardinals or otherwise.

  • Arkansas fans sink to another low over a stupid hat - NCAA Football -

    Because you people are wrong, and you're not just wrong. You're scary. You people just got mad enough at a young woman, a local radio reporter named Renee Gork, to have her fired. Her crime? She wore a Florida Gators hat to a Bobby Petrino news conference. Petrino coaches Arkansas. One of his biggest rivals is Florida. The hat was a poor choice, I won't deny that. It was stupid, really.

    Doyell plants the shoe firmly in the sunless spot.  Ouch.

  • Super Tuesday schedule is out | College Hoops Journal

    Believe it or not, Kentucky will NOT be featured week in and week out. But the 'Cats will get more Tuesday night airtime than any other SEC team.

    As it should be.

  • Seton Hall settles wrongful firing suit with ex-coach Gonzalez - NCAA Division I Mens Basketball -
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