Kentucky Athletics - Are We In The Right Conference?

If the SEC adds the football powers from the ACC where is that going to leave Kentucky?

Please read the article below and consider the following.



All this time I thought we were taking the butt whippings in football was so we could share in the wealth of the SEC.

It appears that pansy football conference is doing OK for its self by probably having the best basketball league in the country.  Sure they have Duke and North Carolina trading off going to the Final Four every year it seems but would they do that if the Cats jumped into their party?

We know Tennessee and Florida are going to get better but are they going to get 'Duke-North Carolina' better?

When was the Kentucky Wildcats in basketball back down from a challenge? Well, maybe against UMass and Travis Ford so Billy Gillispie could get off to a sterling start at Lexington but who knew Gardner Webb or was it Houston, would spoil it for him anyway?

I love SEC football. The Alabama - Tennessee game each year in the third week of October, etc. And for thirty years I've traveled around the SEC to watch Kentucky and some other school at the various  noted stadiums in the south. Great fun with a bunch of guys I really enjoying going to Baton Rouge, to see the best environment in college football on a Saturday night, visiting Dreamland and Bryant Denny, going to Stone Mountain and playing golf on the way to Athens. Great Stuff!

But in those thirty years we've seen the Cats be victorious exactly five times. Twice at Vanderbilt, twice at South Carolina and last year at Auburn.

But seeing that the ACC is getting more for each school is certainly entertaining. 

 Think about the Cats matching dribbles with Duke and North Carolina each year, maybe a couple of times a season.  Cal would be in his environment. Playing the best. Isn't that what he said he wanted to do? How could Todd and Barnhart deny him this opportunity?  No more traveling to Ole Miss and Auburn on school nights when our student/athletes could be home getting ready for finals.  The GPA would go up, at least it might rub off from swinging elbows with some institutions of actual higher learning.

Football could actually compete for a division championship if Miami, Florida State and Clemson jump into the SEC. You like our chances if two of those three land up in the Eastern Division?

But then do we really want to compete in a basketball league?

Conference Schools Total revenue Disbursements High Low
Big Ten 11 $221,990,529 $211,137,450 $19,267,047 $19,165,047
Atlantic Coast 12 172,701,498 162,535,523 15,391,696 12,538,329
Southeastern 12 148,010,406 156,337,901 14,021,093{*) 12,569,939
Big 12 12 144,018,095 137,325,773 15,395,212 8,655,531
Big East total 16 103,094,561 89,055,808
Big East FBS schools 8 66,724,810 9,783,196 6,925,603
Big East non-FBS/non- football schools 8 22,330,998 4,173,471 2,188,445
Pacific-10 10 96,830,468 86,745,825 11,479,242 6,676,774


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