ASoB Bracket Challenge '10 -- Final Standings



Well, now that the 2010 NCAA Men's Tournament is over and the Madness of March is finally gone for yet another year, it's time to award a virtual trophy to the winner of the 2010 A Sea of Blue NCAA Men's Tournament Bracket Challenge.  The award goes to the person who made all the right choices this year and showed some serious bracket brilliance. 

So, without further ado, this year's winner is: sleepytimetea!

Sleepytimetea had 39 out of 63 correct picks this year, a total of 112 points and he also correctly picked the national champion, the Duke Blue Devils.  Honorable mention this year goes to the owner of the bracket, Duke Has it Easy, who, interestingly enough, also had 39 out of 63 correct picks this year, but finished with a total of 110 points, thus he came in second. 

On a personal note, I fared very poorly in our bracket challenge yet again this year, which actually shouldn't be all that surprising, I guess, since in all but like two out of the past 10 years I haven't really fared all that well, either, but in any event, I think it's time for me to embrace a change in strategy. 

From now on I may very well start consulting my now 4-year-old daughter in order to make my March Madness bracket picks that don't involve UK.  Other than Kentucky, obviously, she picks game-winners based on the teams' uniforms and which color happens to be her favorite for that particular matchup, such as the "yellow team", the "red team", the "white team", and since she is 4, the mascots are always a big hit with her, and she certainly has her favorites there, as well, so mascots in addition to uniform color are two options for picking my non-UK March Madness bracket game-winners from now on.  What the heck, it can't hurt, and it might be fun and get her more involved.  We celebrate March Madness at our house, but up until this point I haven't really included her in my bracket selections at all, and this will help her to get interested in the whole bracket thing extra early in life, you know?

Finally, a big "thank you" to everyone who participated.  Congrats again, sleepytimetea, for winning the bracket challenge, and as for the rest of us, well, better luck next year and hopefully you all were more successful in the other brackets you filled out this year.

Lost the link to Yahoo! to check the results?  Click here for the ASoB Bracket Challenge final standings.

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