Cornell Big Red [E12] @ Kentucky Wildcats [E1]: Open Game Thread

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This is the official A Sea of Blue Open Game Thread for the Cornell Big Red @ Kentucky Wildcats East Regional Semifinal.

Game particulars are as follows, courtesy of

Date & Time Thurs., Mar. 25, 9:57 p.m. ET (approx)
March Madness on Demand Every game streamed online, for free
Coverage Tournament Central
Radio: BBSN
Text Updates
Location Carrier Dome
Syracuse, N.Y.


I have no idea how this game is going to work out.  Kentucky could win this thing by 20, or lose it.  I expect Kentucky to prevail, but when you face teams that shoot the ball as well as Cornell, upsets are always possible.  For the Cornell side of things, check out the Cornell Basketball Blog.

More after the jump.

What UK needs to do to win:

  • Force Cornell to put the ball on the floor.  Cornell is a catch and shoot team, and they don't shoot as well on the move as they do on spot-ups.
  • Stay at home beyond the 3-point line.  That's the one place Cornell can beat us.  If Cornell makes less than 12 or 13 3-point shots, I don't think they will win.
  • Get the ball in to DeMarcus Cousins, Patrick Patterson, and Daniel Orton on every possession.  Empty possessions are definitely bad for UK in this game.
  • Make free throws.  Cornell will put teams on the line a good amount, and Kentucky needs to make their free throws tonight.

What UK can do to lose:

  • Double-team the post.  UK cannot give Cornell open looks.
  • Allow Cornell to beat them on the offensive glass.  One of the big weapons that Cornell should have no answer for is rebounding.  UK has got to exploit that.
  • Take too many threes.  Cornell is likely to pack in a zone to keep the ball away from DeMarcus Cousins and concede the challenged three.  UK must move the ball and force the zone to reposition to allow a dribble drive or wide open look.
  • Get nervous.  UK must play this game with liquid helium in their veins.

Cornell is a good team that can be great.  Kentucky is a very good team that can be unstoppable.  Kentucky needs to be at their best tonight to be sure to get to the Elite Eight.

Go, 'Cats!

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