Kentucky Wildcat Wedding - Tiffanie Zweydorff & Jeromy Wise

           We were just married last Saturday, March 13 in Shelbyville, Ky.  In honor of March Madness, we decided to have a UK wedding.  Our entire wedding party was dressed all in Uk clothes, our guys were introduced as basketball players by my husband before he came in to the song "I got a feeling", my dress and flowers were all Uk, our preacher was dressed as a referee our cake was decorated in Uk, we made a big paper mache Uk basketball for our cards on our gift table. We also had a candy table with decorated personalized Wildcat candy.  All of our plates, cups, napkins and decorations were kentucky, it was amazing.  During the wedding cake ceremony we all did the CATS chant.  The energy was great!  To make it even better,  2 of our groomsmen are actually Louisville fans, they had to wear Uk all day.  Since our wedding was aired on Whas, Cnn and several news stations across the tri-state area, they were all seen in Uk.... woohoo.. Go Big Blue.  We went to Las Vegas for our honeymoon, we flew out right after the game on Sunday and made it right back in before the game on Thursday night.  My dream now is to wear my dress down to Lexington and get it signed by all the players and coach to keep!  When Uk makes it to the final game and we can score tickets, we just might wear the wedding attire to the game for good luck!!  Thanks for taking the time to view...

Tiffanie & Jeromy Wise

***Game time, Saturday 8:00 p.m., I have on my lucky UK bracelet from the wedding and the hubby has on his lucky Kentucky jama pants, as long as we have these on our CATS can't lose*** :-)

***The Lucky Tucky bracelet did it again, yesssss***

Here are some of the link for the video from different stations:


Special Thanks to our Wedding Party

Maid of Honor:  Brittanie Skaggs

Bridesmaid:  Rachel Allen

Bridesmaid:  Tammy Fortner

Bridesmaid:  Marnetta Berg

Our Preacher:  Don Fortner

Best Man:  Chris Wise

Groomsman:  Sterling Myatt

Groomsman:  Dennis Evans

Groomsman:  Ben Alvarez

Flower Girls:  Haley Halford & Leigha Wise

Ring Bearers:  Bailey Wise & Zachory Wise

To all of our family and friends that joined us to share in our special day....

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