Winthrop Eagles @ Kentucky Wildcats (13):  Pregame

This afternoon, The Winthrop Eagles visit Rupp Arena to take a shot at the #13 Kentucky Wildcats.  Kentucky is coming off a less-than-stellar victory over the Mississippi Valley St. Delta Devils, and Winthrop has been on the road four of its last five games, and bowed to the Dayton Flyers on Monday.

Here's a comparison of the combatant's seasons so far:

Kentucky Winthrop
Split W-L Pct W-L Pct
Home 4-0 100.00% 3-0 100.00%
Away 0-1 0.00% 2-3 40.00%
Neutral 4-1 80.00% 0-3 0.00%
Conference 0-0 - 1-1 50.00%
Conf Home 0-0 - 0-0 -
Conf Away 0-0 - 1-1 50.00%
Conf Neutral 0-0 - 0-0 -
Top 25 2-0 100.00% 0-0 -
RPI 1-50 1-2 33.30% 0-0 -
RPI 51-100 1-0 100.00% 0-1 0.00%
RPI 101-150 0-0 - 1-1 50.00%
RPI 151-200 1-0 100.00% 0-1 0.00%
RPI 200+ 1-0 100.00% 1-1 50.00%

As you get hints of above, Winthrop isn't a lowly 1-8 like the Delta Devils were.  The Eagles have played some pretty good teams, and played them well, like the Va. Commonwealth Rams, the Wake Forest Demon Deacons and the Jacksonville Dolphins.

More after the jump.


The Eagles have had a significant turnover from last year.  Lost are:

Name Height Wt Class Comments
Andy Buechert 6-10 232 Senior Starter, leading rebounder
Chad DeWitt 6-2 185 Senior Minor reserve
Mantoris Robinson 6-5 205 Senior Starter, 3rd leading scorer
Raymond Davis 6-4 195 Senior Minor reserve
Chris Malcolm 6-7 208 Sophomore Minor reserve
Julius Francis 6-11 243 Freshman Never played
Taylor Dunn 6-2 195 Freshman Rarely played

Additions are as follows:

Name Height Wt Class Comments
Derrick Scott 6-9 195 Freshman
Donovan Carter 6-5 220 Freshman
Joab Jerome 6-5 185 Freshman Minor reserve
Julius Francis 6-11 243 Freshman
Patrick Marcu 6-3 185 Junior Transfer

Winthrop Eagles Basketball Roster with Comments

# Pos. Comments
W H College
Justin Burton 3 G Starter, 2nd leading assist 165 5-10 senior
Donovan Carter 44 F - 220 6-5 freshman
Charles Corbin 42 F Major reserve, 2nd leading rebounder 220 6-7 senior
Robbie Dreher 23 G Starter/reserve, leading scorer 185 6-4 sophomore
Julius Francis 25 C - 243 6-11 freshman
Gideon Gamble 2 G Major reserve, 3 point specialist 186 6-7 sophomore
Joab Jerome 1 F Minor reserve 185 6-5 freshman
Andre Jones 21 G Starter, 2nd leading scorer 190 6-2 junior
Reggie King 11 G Minor reserve 208 6-2 sophomore
Patrick Marcu 22 G Rarely plays 185 6-3 junior
Reggie Middleton 4 G Starter, 3rd leading scorer 190 6-1 junior
Matt Morgan 5 C Returning starter 235 6-9 junior
Derrick Scott 35 G - 195 6-9 freshman
George Valentine 43 F Starter, leading rebounder 235 6-8 junior


Four Factors


As you might expect, the Four Factors favor Kentucky in this game. Kentucky shoots the ball much better, handles it better, takes care of the offensive glass better and gets to the line at a higher rate.

Overall Analysis

This is another one of those so-called "easy games" against a notably inferior opponent, except we have to keep in mind that Winthrop has beaten one below average BCS team (Wake Forest) and a good Jacksonville team.  In both those games, the Eagles shot the ball well and won the battle of the offensive glass.

Kentucky's weakness this season has been 2-point field goal percentage.  When the 'Cats shoot badly from 2, they wind up either losing the game or in a dog fight.  The Delta Devils out-hustled the 'Cats the other day on the offensive glass, and that made an otherwise easy game look awkward and more competitive than it was.

Kentucky needs to show improvement in getting the ball in scoring position nearer the basket, and if they do not defend this Winthrop team on the perimeter, the Eagles have shown (most notably against Wake Forest) that they can shoot the ball well enough to beat anybody.

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