GOG 2010-11 #07: Indiana


UK welcomes the Hoosiers to Rupp Arena Saturday.  Incredibly, this marks just the 3rd true home game for the Cats so far this season as the the non-conference schedule was front loaded with neutral and road games.  Indiana comes in with a nice record, due entirely to home games against low major teams.  The only time the Hoosiers have been on the road this season they lost to a Boston College team that itself lost at home to Yale.


Series History

This is the 54th game against the Hoosiers.  UK is 30-23 against the northern neighbors.

Basic Information

  • The Preseason GOG is here.  Follow the link if you have questions about what this whole GOG thing is about.
  • has information about Indiana.
  • Congratulations to btcoop71 for winning GOG #06!  Follow the link for full results.


Explanation for #8:  Basically I'm asking you to balance two things: you need to pick a player you think will hit a 3, but who also will be the one with the lowest 3PT FG% for the season (entering the game) among all UK players who hit a three.  So, for example: If Jones and Miller are the only two players to hit a 3, then Jones is the correct answer because his 3P% is lower than Miller's is.  If Miller, Jones, and Hood each hit a 3, then Hood is the answer because he has the lowest 3P% of that group.  I hope that makes sense.  Note that Vargas is the only player who doesn't qualify for this question as he has yet to attempt a 3 this season.

Deadline for entries is tip-off 5:15 PM Saturday, December 11.

GOG 2010-11 #07: Indiana [Max 30 Points]

  1. Who wins the game? [ +/- 1 point] UK
  2. How many points does UK score? [ 4/3/2/1 points] 81
  3. How many points does Indiana score? [ 4/3/2/1 points] 62
  4. As was pointed out in the Notre Dame Postmortem, Josh Harrellson has yet to attempt a free throw this season.  Does Jorts get to the line against the Hoosiers? [ +/- 1 point] Yes: our long national nightmare is over.
  5. Staying with Harrellson: predict his first half minutes/second half minutes/offensive rebounds. [2 points each] 15/14/6
  6. The defense showed up in a big away in the second half last game.  In which half does UK have the better FG% defense? [ +/- 1 point] 2nd half
  7. How many players (both teams combined) score in double figures? [3 points] 7
  8. Predict the UK player with the lowest season 3pt FG% (minimum 1 attempt) to hit a three in the game (see above explanation). [3 points] Knight
  9. Maurice Creek absolutely lit up the Cats last year.  Predict his 1st half points/2nd half points/total made 3 PA.  [2 points each] 2/3/1
  10. Does Terrence Jones record yet another double-double? [ +/- 1 point] no
  11. Special Bonus: There are 8 games on Saturday that feature SEC teams in action.  Predict the total number of points scored by these 8 teams.  Everyone within 50 of the correct answer will get a bonus point and the closest person will get 2 points. 557 points Wild Weasel was closest, missing by just an astonishing 2 points!


Mean: 7.2
Median: 7
St. dev: 2.98



1 GoLightning 12 6 43 9 0.2018779 11
2 kydamcat 11 5 43 9 0.2429379 4
2 triple_threat_stance 11 5 53 4 0.299435 3
4 a2d2 9 7 56 3 0.2267206 6
4 kcgard2 9 6 45 7 0.2132701 9
6 Wild Weasel 7 6 39 12 0.182243 12
6 ukchris 7 2 12 13 0.1558442 14
8 BigSkyCat 6 7 53 4 0.2145749 8
8 floundringaround 6 7 50 6 0.2024291 10
10 dancoo626 5 5 40 11 0.2209945 7
10 Ken Howlett 5 7 58 2 0.2348178 5
12 btcoop71 3 7 75 1 0.3036437 2
12 kentuckygirl0724 3 7 44 8 0.1781377 13
wildcatfaninexile 1 5 15 0.106383 15
Magnoliacat 1 12 13 0.3333333 1
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