The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Kentucky versus Louisville Edition

This edition of the Big Blue Daily Mail is devoted almost exclusively to reaction to the 71-62 victory by the Kentucky Wildcats over the Louisville Cardinals yesterday in Rupp Arena.

As you might expect, there has been a ton of different spin on this game, particularly regarding the rugby scrum for the loose ball early in the first half involving DeMarcus Cousins and Jared Swopshire.  The consensus arguments seem to be:

  • It was just another rough play in a rough game;
  • Cousins should have been ejected;
  • Swopshire and Cousins should have been ejected;
  • Reginald Delk started it all;
  • Jerry Smith started it all prior to the game, by repeatedly bumping Cousins;
  • Rick Pitino ordered his players to play dirty;
  • John Calipari ordered his players to play dirty;
  • Everybody who loves Blue hates Red, and vice versa;
  • Everybody the other side dislikes is a "thug."

Frankly, I am disappointed in both fan bases.  Yes, this is a passionate rivalry, but good grief, this is still a basketball game, not life or death.  I love good natured ribbing and passionate arguments back and forth, but some really hateful things are being said out there by both sides, and it is damaging to both this rivalry and to the national image of both schools.

Our teams deserve better than that.  I hope to appeal to the better angels of both school's fans to politely agree to disagree (or failing that, at least refuse to write bilious and objectionable comments) about the controversy in this game, and treat this wonderful rivalry with the reverence and respect it is due.  It is possible for passion to overrun even the most storied rivalry and turn it into an object lesson in misbehavior, as we have seen from some high school players' parents in the past.

Passion, yes.  Intensity, yes.  Disgusting absurdity, racially insensitive remarks, and over-the-top angry rhetoric, no.

The news follows the jump.

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