A Modest Proposal

Or how I learned to stop being patient and hate Calapari.

It goes without saying this morning that the Big Blue Nation is not pleased with our beloved Wildcats performance last night in Columbia, South Carolina.  Less than 35 hours after receiving the #1 ranking in the country, our basketball team failed to achieve the god given expectations of our fan base. 


There is lots of blame to go around (some of which lands square on the shoulders of the fan base) and I am going to outline what must be done immediately to turn this program around. 


First, Coach Calapari and Mitch Barnhart need to be fired this afternoon.  A 19-1 record and failing to maintain the #1 ranking is simply unacceptable.  It is clear to all impartial observers that this coach is not getting the job done and Barnhart has failed in his role as Athletic Director.  I have set up accounts at all regional banks to accept donations that can be used to buy out these two losers contracts. 


We must also make a 180 degree course correction on this situation where our team has players that stay in school for more than one year.  The fact of the matter is that collegiate sports has evolved to the point where any player staying for more than one year is a liability to the team.  I personally will open an account for the University with Emory to handle overnight deliveries of recruiting packets. 


In addition, we as a fan base need to get our priorities straight.  I have two children with another on the way and NONE of my children have witnessed Kentucky win a national championship.  Not a single one.  This morning I am looking at A Sea of Blue and seeing lots of fans not freaking out like they should be.  I have called Lowes and Home Depot, they have lots of pitch forks and the materials to make torches.  Use them. 


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not a joke.  It would be easy to say that nothing is f***ed, but deep down we all know the truth.  The g*d d*mn plane has crashed into the mountain!


This is a conference game, this determines who enters the next round robin. Am I wrong? Am I wrong?


If we accept this we are entering a world of pain.    Has the whole world gone crazy? Am I the only one around here who gives a s**t about the team. 


It’s a conference game.

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