A Look Ahead..... that we have seen the opening week of SEC play, it is time to take a hard look at the rest of the month, and peek into predicting and no unbeaten predictions, just a breakdown of what lies ahead.....

First up-

Auburn: Jeff Lebo may very well be in trouble....Auburn has more holes in its team structure than Swiss cheese and they don't look to be improved from last years squad, but looks can be deceiving. Auburn is building a new arena for their Tigers, but no one seems to want to attend.....they only drew 5600 for their last game. This SHOULD be an easy win for the Cats.....but there is always something to watch out for in the SEC.

Then It's-

Arkansas: Getting Arkansas at home may be a huge break for the Cats, and if you don't believe me just ask Texas. They are a different team with Fortson back on the court, and they not only wont go down without a fight, they will run with you all day if you like. This could be a really tough game for the Cats if they do not make the most of their inside presence. DeMarcus Cousins will have to be all that he has been and more, and Patterson better come with his game face. John Wall is going to love this game because he and Bledsoe can showcase their skills and people will love watching the up and down.

Next We Have-

South Carolina: I hate going to South Carolina, because it is such a beautiful place, with such wonderful scenery, and rich history along with beautiful beaches and warm sun......And then you get to SC, and you have the Gamecocks......they have been a thorn in the side of the Cats for years off and on, and hiring Darren Horn is just going to make that trend continue. SC is getting better, but losing some of the players they have this year is crippling what should have been an excellent S.C. team. Horn will get the problems figured out though, and he has Downey playing better already. And let's face it, as S.C.'s coaches go, he is definitely easier to have to think about than Spurrier. S.C. will play the Cats tough, but we should pull this one out as well.

Then We Come Home To-

Vanderbilt: At least this game is in Lexington and not Nashville. I want to go on record here and now as saying I love the city of Nashville. I love the music industry, the characters (both famous and not so famous), the nightlife ( my business cards are up on walls in a LOT of places in Nashville, lol) why on God's green earth did they build that barn down there to play basketball in??? Stallings will have Vandy on their toes, and Ogilvy will be trying to make Cousins life miserable. we pull this one out too, but not without some irate tempers and a close call or two. Also, take your sunglasses, the glare off of Stallings head is a killer when the flashbulbs start popping to get the JWall photos.

For Gopher Week We Get-

Ole Miss: Andy Kennedy has Ole Miss thinking of better days and SEC West championships, and Mississippi has built a wonderful new practice facility to help speed the process along. The Tad Pad is a interesting little arena, and Ole Miss is also an interesting team. They don't get a lot of fan support and Kennedy is trying to change a culture down there that will probably cause his hair to fall out(oops, forgot that had already happened). We should put up a convincing win here assuming that the basketball gods still have us in their favor when we get there.

Then We Have To Tame A Tiger-

LSU: LSU got spanked by the revamped Crimson Tide the other day, and it stung. They should be in better shape than they are, and the finger pointing has begun in Baton Rouge. They will have a chance to gain some momentum by the time we roll into the Maravich Assembly Center before Cupid starts shooting arrows at everyone in February. LSU was the toast of the town not long ago in the world of SEC hoops, and when they got a taste of it, they liked it. They want it back, and they will do their best to show that Tigers are much more fierce than Wildcats......sorry Tigers, nothing is more fierce than a Wildcat when it gets challenged. Cal's Kittens send LSU's Tigers back to their litter box dragging their tails.


That takes us to the second week in February where things should really get interesting right up until SEC Tournament time..........stay close and enjoy the ride folks......this is going to be fun.

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