GOG 2009 #14: Louisville

The Diagnosis: The University of Louisville is infecting Rupp Arena.
The Prescription: Pain.

Series History:

This is the 41st matchup between the Cards and the Cats. UK leads the series 26 - 14 although UL has won the last two games. An odd pattern has emerged over the last twelve seasons. In that time results for UK have gone as follows: LLWWWLLWWWLL. Given this history I believe it safe to declare that UK will not only win Saturday, but also for the next two years.


Basic Information:

  • GOG #00 has information about the game.  Follow the link if you have any questions.
  • has information about Louisville.
  • Congratulations to tippey and UKlvrJM for winning GOG #13!  Follow the link for full results.


GOG 2009 #14: Louisville [Max 41 Points]

Note: All national rankings are current as of Thursday

  1. Who wins the game? [+1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] UK
  2. How many points does UK score? [4 pts if correct, 3 pts within one, 2 pts within two, 1 pt within three] 71
  3. How many points does UL score? [4 pts if correct, 3 pts within one, 2 pts within two, 1 pt within three] 62
  4. It's no surprise that the 3pt shot is a big part of the Cardinal offense. 38.4% of UL's shots come from behind the arc (54th most in the country) and they have attempted 315 treys, 17th most in the nation. By contrast UK has attempted only 230 three point shots, however UK shoots much, much better than the Cards: 42.2% to 32.1%. Which team makes more 3-point shots? [+1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] Neither team shot well, which was more shocking for UK than it was for UL.  Still, the Cards led this category 5 - 2
  5. Which player (both teams combined) hits the most three point shots? [3 pts] This was a tie between Jerry Smith and Jared Swopshire, each with 2
  6. Battle for the Boards: I remember some nonsense last year from Cardinal fans who were convinced that Samardo Samuels was somehow better than Patrick Patterson. What a joke. Which player has the highest total points + rebounds + blocks + assists + steals - turnovers - personal fouls? [+1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] There was some confusion on this question.  I intended it to be an either/or between Patterson and Samuels, but I can see how it could be read to be wider than that.  If you listed a player other than those 2, I didn't count it either way (ie no point added or deducted).  My apologies and I'll make sure the wording is more clear in the future.
  7. Last year Edgar Sosa hit the big shot to win the game. Predict his turnovers/missed field goals/personal fouls. [2 pts each] 6/8/2
  8. How many times does John Wall steal the ball from Edgar Sosa? (I'll be using the play-by-play record to determine this) [3 pts] This only happened 1 time, with just under 4 minutes to play in the first half.
  9. How many times do Patrick Patterson, Daniel Orton and DeMarcus Cousins reject the pathetic shots foolishly attempted by silly Cardinal players? [3 pts] 4 blocks
  10. Pitino teams like to play fast and get easy baskets in transition. So does Kentucky. Which teams scores more fast break points? [+1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] UK won this 10 - 4.
  11. The bench has come on strong in the scoring department for UK. How many players from the bench make at least one field goal for the Cats? [3 pts] Suprisingly, only 2 bench players hit field goals.  Maybe less surprisingly, they were the seniors Ramon Harris and Perry Stevenson.
  12. Presumably we'll see Eric Bledsoe back in action on Saturday. I hope he feels the best he has all season. Predict his made 3's/assists/steals. [2 pts each] I thought Bledsoe was terrific, even if he didn't hit any 3's: 0/4/2
  13. When it comes to sharing the ball, Tuesday was a record setting game for John Wall and an impressive effort for the team collectively. Against UL things will not be quite so easy. How many assists does UK compile against the Cards? [3 pts] 15 assists for the Cats
  14. Battle between in-state products: Darius Miller vs Preston Knowles. Which player has the highest total made 3 pointers + steals + defensive rebounds - missed field goal attempts? [+1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] Neither played well, but Miller "won" this battle 0 to -4
  15. Who commits more turnovers: Peyton Siva or Edgar Sosa? [+1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] Sosa, by a lot (6 to 1).  Siva only played 6 minutes and his only turnover came on a Wall steal.  One wonders what might have happened if Wall had more opportunities to swipe from the other freshmen.

Deadline for entries is tip-off at 3:30 PM Saturday, January 2.

Congratulations to Wild Weasel for winning GOG #14!  He narrowly edged btcoop71: 13 points to 12.  Ken Howlett finished a strong 3rd with 10 points.  Also, a welcome to 1st time GOGers memphis wildcat and shouto!  I hope you will both continue to play!  Full results are below.

Mean 6.36
St. Dev 3.67
Median 6
Mode 4


RK UserName # of GOGs GOG #14 TOTAL PTS Rank by PTS AVERAGE Rank by AVG
1 Wild Weasel 13 13 86 2 0.178 6
2 btcoop71 7 12 70 8 0.253 1
3 Ken Howlett 8 10 66 10 0.214 3
4 kentuckygirl0724 6 9 35 16 0.170 9
5 EagleTDL 12 8 75 6 0.169 10
6 shouto 1 7 7 23 0.171
7 UKlvrJM 10 6 76 5 0.199 4
7 UKWildCatFanatic 11 6 58 11 0.140 14
9 a2d2 14 4 93 1 0.180 5
9 BigSkyCat 14 4 82 4 0.159 12
9 tippey 7 4 44 14 0.174 7
12 floundringaround 14 3 72 7 0.140 16
13 JLeverenz 14 2 85 3 0.165 11
14 memphis wildcat 1 1 1 27 0.024
Acdixon 7
57 12 0.226 2
bluelaw 3
16 18 0.154
dancoo626 11
69 9 0.171 8
E4 1
3 26 0.083
GoLightning 6
37 15 0.155 13
hoboat33 1
7 23 0.226
Ontherocks 3
16 18 0.162
RandomGuy0 9
48 13 0.140 15
SpartanWildcat 2
14 21 0.206
yearofthecat 2
20 17 0.278
KYCatwoman 1
6 25 0.162
vinceuk1 2
13 22 0.21
Shive 2
16 18 0.21
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