SEC Power Poll, Week 4


Here we are in week four of the college football season, and I can say that from a clarity standpoint, I believe we are in pretty good shape at the top of the SEC.  We are beginning to see the cream rise up, some of the pretenders exposed, and some general movement toward the stratification we always see in this league -- a very thick layer of cream, and then the rest.

Obviously, a lot of shaking out happened when Ole Miss bit the big one at South Carolina.  Ole Miss was then ranked among the nation's elite, and South Carolina was down in the high 20's.  No more.  Ole Miss was exposed as being significantly weaker than the top ten, and as of right now, nobody is anxious to jump back on the Rebel Express anytime soon.  But in the SEC, as someone thoughtfully reminded me the other day, redemption is always only a game or two away, and in Ole Miss' case, their opportunity will come Oct 10 when they host the Tide.

Speaking of the Crimson Tide, UK gets the Elephants in Commonwealth in a few days, and as we work our way toward that game, I'll be speaking with the folks over at Roll Bama Roll, the SB Nation Alabama blog, tonight at 7:30 for their podcast.  I will also be putting up a thread in the FanPosts where I will ask all those who frequent the Kentucky games in Lexington to post stuff like things to do, places to go, tailgating traditions and so forth so we can make it easier for our guests from points south to find their way to a good time during the game.

But back to the power poll.  The aggregated results can be found at Team Speed Kills, as usual, but my ballot follows the jump.

Here is my ballot:

Team cWL W-L bWL SoS This week MoV PF-PA Next opponent Polls Remarks
Florida 2-0 4-0 2-0 45.65 open 38.3 182-29 at LSU 1 Alabama may be more complete, but somebody has to stop the Florida offense.
Alabama 1-0 4-0 2-0 52.52 at Kentucky 27.5 162-52 at Mississippi 3 Barbecued the Hawgs in Tuscaloosa. Wildcat is next on the menu.
LSU 2-0 4-0 3-0 57.17 at Georgia 13.5 115-61 Florida 4 Eked by MSU with a miraculous goal-line stand. This team keeps winning, but questions abound.
Georgia 2-0 3-1 3-1 60.58 LSU 1.0 123-119 at Tennessee 18,14 Struggled to escape the Sun Devils between the hedges. The 4-point total MOV has got to be a record low for a 3-1 team.
Auburn 1-0 4-0 2-0 51.65 at Tennessee 21.0 181-97 at Arkansas 27,28 Let Ball State score a surprising number of points. Can they outscore Monty Kiffin's defense?
South Carolina 1-1 3-1 2-1 51.85 South Carolina State 7.0 98-70 Kentucky 28,29 Put Ole Miss in their place. Cupcake on the menu this week.
Mississippi 0-1 2-1 0-1 46.13 at Vanderbilt 23.7 107-36 Alabama 21,18 Exposed by the Gamecocks, can they redeem themselves versus the Commodores, or slide back into obscurity?
Mississippi State 1-2 2-2 1-2 58.76 Georgia Tech 5.3 110-89 Houston
This team is playing surprisingly tough, but they get another test versus the Rambln' Wreck this week.
Tennessee 0-1 2-2 0-2 55.27 Auburn 13.3 125-72 Georgia
Gave up 319 passing yards against Ohio? Holy pass protection, Batman!
Kentucky 0-1 2-1 1-1 52.70 Alabama 4.0 80-68 at South Carolina
31-0 in the first quarter? Really? Gator gon' getcha, baby. And...Bonus! UK gets #3 Alabama next!
Vanderbilt 0-2 2-2 0-2 47.79 Mississippi 9.5 93-55 at Army
Handled 0-4 Rice with ease, but gets an angry Ole Miss team next.
Arkansas 0-2 1-2 0-2 61.04 Texas A&M -0.3 96-97 Auburn
After being crushed by the Elephants, the Hawgs try their luck in the Big 12.

Comment away.

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