What did I do This Summer? Well, I Edited a Kentucky Basketball Annual

Wildcat Tipoff 2009-2010. Click to enlarge.

As many of you know, I have been somewhat AWOL on the blog this summer, and frequently alluded to a "Big Project" that I was working on, and that was keeping me from making my normally appointed rounds on the blog.  Well, the time has come to reveal that project.

Last year, I was asked to edit the inaugural edition of Wildcat Tipoff 2009-2010, published by Maple Street Press.  It was an honor that I was first reluctant to embrace, because my familiarity with publishing was limited to what you see before you -- darkening pixels on an Internet website.

Well, to make a long story short, I took the job, did the work, and now the product is ready for distribution to the Wildcat Faithful.  More after the jump ...

There are a lot of names you will recognize, and some that you may not, who contributed articles to this annual.  Let me list them for you in no particular order:

  • There is, of course, Glenn Logan (that's me, for those of you too lazy to read my profile)
  • My cohort in crime Ken Howlett
  • Former owner and creator of A Sea of Blue, J.L. Weill
  • Owner and proprietor of BigBlueHIstory.net, Jon Scott
  • Former columnist and Editorial Editor of The Kentucky Kernel, Christopher Emmick
  • Alan Rucker, owner of OverThePylon.net and occasional contributor to Scout.com
  • Chris Diggs, UK fan blogger for the Louisville Courier-Journal
  • Travis Hubbard, former columnist for the Huntington (WV) Herald-Dispatch
  • Michael Eaves of Fox Sports Net and Eaves on Sports
  • Norm Haney, Programs Director at WBGN in Bowling Green

Every one of these guys are huge Kentucky basketball fans and talented writers, and they have brought their unique viewpoints to this annual.  It is chock full of great pictures, stats, analysis and of course, some terrific writing that I think the Big Blue Nation will absolutely love.

Wildcat Tipoff 2009-2010 is currently available for pre-order, and will begin shipping on October 5th.  Over the next few weeks, I'll be publishing excerpts from this book so you can get an idea of what we have done.  Some of the highlights:

  • Two detailed articles about new UK coach John Calipari;
  • The untold story how Patrick Paterson's decided to come to UK;
  • Memories of UK teams and players past, including the Mardi Gras Miracle and Mike Casey;
  • The history of the race to 2000 victories...

... and much, much more -- 128 full-color glossy pages with no ads and no distractions.  I have no earthly idea how many man-hours are in this thing, but it was a labor of love that I hope each of you will enjoy.  You can pre-order and read more about Wildcat Tipoff 2009-2010 here.

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