We Regret To Inform You That Your Team Was Embarassed Because They Were Stupid

Well, that and the fact that the second string of Florida could have handled Kentucky by at least two touchdowns, especially with 9 penalties for 69 yards.  That would make a nice rushing stat for any halfback.

Congratulations to Florida for an impressive win.  They dominated UK's hapless team from start to finish in every meaningful statistic.  They were far, far superior.  Enough said.

Sugar coating this thrashing is worthless.   UK was utterly inferior in every meaningful way against Florida.  Not only athletically, and talent-wise, but with respect to execution.  This was undoubtedly the worst game I have watched UK play since the 63-3 thrashing by this same team last year, and execution-wise, it may have been even worse.

To be fair, nobody, including yours truly, thought UK had a chance against Florida.  Florida has more five-star players on their team right now that Kentucky has had in the last 20 years combined.  Yes, UK is not as inferior as they have been in the past, but you never would have known it tonight.  After holding Florida to a field goal with a dramatic stand on their first possession, Kentucky self-destructed very much like they did last year at The Swamp, including yet another blocked punt for a Florida touchdown.  Second verse, same as the first.

I really don't feel like trashing Kentucky too much for this game, it's too much like kicking a helpless person when they are down.  It was a loss from the moment the coin went up.  The Wildcats were nervous, and even a little scared, and it showed.  Florida just took our manhood.

I really do wonder what Brooks has left to work with after this devastation.  If anything, this loss was worse than the one last year, even if the score was not as lopsided.  It isn't that Kentucky is really bad, it's just that they don't seem to have any identity on offense.  Defensively, UK was unable to handle the faster Gators, and Tim Tebow simply ran amok until a naked blitz sent him out of the game.  Hopefully, he has no serious injuries.  It's bad enough to lose to Florida, but it would be miserable to have seriously wounded Superman.

In the end, this game was pure misery from start to finish.  It reminded me very much of the basketball game we played at South Carolina last year -- embarrassing, season-damaging, and irredeemable.  If Brooks & Co. thought that we were ready to compete in the SEC, this game should disabuse them of that fallacious notion.

With Alabama coming in next week followed by a road trip that takes us through Columbia and Athens, there is not much reason for optimism anytime soon in the Big Blue Nation.  Kentucky was either exposed tonight for the frauds that they are, or just had one of those really bad performances that sometimes happens even to the best football teams.

I wish I could believe the latter.

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