SEC Power Poll, Week 3

The SEC Power Poll is out as of yesterday, and this week's poll did not include the loss by Ole Miss last night to South Carolina, so you will see Ole Miss ranked rather higher than they would be if the poll had been taken today.

First, some comments on the overall results:

  • Alabama is making headway against the Gators.  I thought they would have made more after the Tennessee game.
  • Ole Miss will be a' droppin'.
  • South Carolina will be a' risin'.  I think we can say, at this point, that the Gamecocks have legitimized themselves with the narrow loss at Georgia and defeating the Rebels in Columbia.
  • We won't know if Auburn is for real for two more weeks vs. Tennessee.
  • Not sure why Arkansas gets more respect than UK at this point.
  • Not sure why UT gets less respect than UK at this point, especially after playing Florida so tough.

My ballot follows after the jump.

Team cWL W-L bWL SoS This week MoV PF-PA Next opponent Polls Remarks
3-0 1-0 54.92 Beat North Texas 27.3 127-45 Arkansas 3 The Tide keeps rolling. They rolled right over a decent North Texas team.
Florida 1-0 3-0 1-0 44.14 Beat Tennessee 39.7 141-22 at Kentucky 1 The Gators did not look invincible against the Vols.
LSU 2-0 4-0 3-0 59.86 Beat Louisiana-Lafayette 16 108-44 at Mississippi State 7 Solid win. They visit a resurgent MSU next week.
48.44 Beat Southeastern Louisiana 38.5 97-20 Thu, at South Carolina 4,5 So far, untested. Next week vs. the Gamecocks will give us a clue as to how good the Rebels really are.
Auburn 1-0 3-0 2-0 52.6 Beat West Virginia 20 127-67 Ball State 28,29 Gotta give Chizik credit, he is getting it done so far, and putting points on the board in the process.
Georgia 2-0 2-1 2-1 61.15 Won at Arkansas 0.3 103-102 Arizona State 21,17 103 points scored, 102 points allowed. The Dawgs are getting it done with smoke and mirrors, not defense.
2-0 1-0 48.27 Beat Louisville 23 73-27 Florida 36 Not exactly impressive, but Kentucky was clearly the better team. They won't be next week against the defending national champs.
South Carolina 0-1 2-1 1-1 49.9 Beat Florida Atlantic 7.3 82-60 Thu, Mississippi 38 Two games in a row with 30+ points. One more and they match their total for 30+ point game for all of 2008.
Arkansas 0-1 1-1 0-1 60.1 Lost to Georgia 13.5 89-62 at Alabama
Flunked their first test at home against a beatable Georgia team.
Mississippi State 1-1 2-1 1-1 58.92 Won at Vanderbilt 8.3 84-59 LSU
Maybe a new coach does make a difference.
Tennessee 0-1 1-2 0-2 54.34 Lost at Florida 14 91-49 Ohio
Monte has created a defensive monster, but the offense is inCrompetent.
Vanderbilt 0-3 1-3 0-3 47.76 Lost to Mississippi State 1.3 66-61 at Rice
Hmm. Everyone had this team ranked above Kentucky for SEC cellar honors?

So what do you think?

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