The Big Blue Daily Mail -- The Eve of the Cards vs. the Cats

I want everyone to know that I turned down a day of golf on Saturday to watch this game.  That's a big deal for me, and it shows just how important I consider this contest.  Kentucky and Louisville will meet tomorrow at high noon in Commonwealth Stadium, and it is a big one for both teams.

I know that UK fans are confident and Cardinal fans are down right now.  Kentucky seems to be getting stronger, and Louisville seems to be struggling with new players, new coaches, and they are not getting the highly-ranked problem children that the Cards brought in under Bobby Petrino.  Louisville fans, taken together, have no confidence they can win this game, and UK fans are celebrating early.

That's a mistake for both sides.  Just yesterday, the 16th ranked Kentucky Wildcats volleyball team lost to the unranked Louisville Cardinals.  Louisville has owned that series over recent years, and that ownage just continued for another year.  Don't think rivalry games matter?  The best team always wins?  Don't you believe it.

It will take a terrific effort for the 'Cats to overcome the Cards tomorrow, and I sure hope the team doesn't think this will be easy.  Louisville will be coming at UK like a wounded tiger -- underdogs are usually more motivated and determined, at least at first, than the favorite.  We should be prepared for Louisville's best shot early, because they are absolutely going to try to deliver it.  If the 'Cats are on their heels, or not taking this game seriously, UK could be in serious trouble.

Now, for the news:

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  • SLAM ONLINE | " The Cost of King Cal’s Court

    "You look at those two cases—I know the details are different, but the endgame is exactly the same—according to the NCAA [regarding Memphis], if you play an ineligible player, you vacate the wins. That’s what they told Memphis," Parrish said. "It’s the opposite—literally the opposite—of what they told Duke."

    "If the NCAA would’ve applied its rule to Duke in 1999 the same way it applied its rule to Memphis in 2008, Coach K would have a vacated Final Four on his record. There’s no getting around that. And yet they simply didn’t apply the rule, and so Duke is a clean program, and Memphis is a dirty program. I think that is an issue that can’t be highlighted enough."
    This is a simply terrific article at SLAM magazine that takes a very fair look at Calipari and the controversy surrounding him . Absolutely one of those, drop-what-you-are-doing-and-read-the-whole-thing articles.
  • " A flashback to Governor’s Cup 2008 John Clay’s Sidelines
    The big 'un. Classic.

  • UK’s Lindley ready for whatever is thrown his way | | The Courier-Journal
    He's the University of Kentucky's best cornerback. There's a case to be made that he's the top cover corner in the Southeastern Conference. I wonder if Lindley will get any picks this weekend?

  • It's big recruiting weekend at UK | | The Courier-Journal
    UK will be hosting dozens of top-level prospects in several sports, including men's and women's basketball and football. The biggest is point guard Brandon Knight, who is ranked No.1 nationally in the Class of 2010 by The 6-foot-3 Knight is also considering Kansas, Connecticut, Miami and Duke.

    So Brandon Knight will be here this weekend. A big deal.

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