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Today's Big Blue Daily Mail contains a ton of stuff about the Governor's Cup tilt on Saturday, and understandably so.  This is a huge game for both teams, and Kentucky really needs to be 2-0 heading into an early conference battle with the #1 Florida Gators.  But to get there, the 'Cats will have to go through Louisville.

Louisville is going to be ready for this game.  The Cardinals are motivated, and they have plenty of talent.  The main think Louisville lacks is experience.  Kentucky has far more experience overall than the Cards, and that includes the coaching staff.  One of the great things about Rich Brooks' tenure has been the relative stability of the coaching staff, and that has allowed Brooks, Phillips & Co. to build this team the right way, from the ground up beginning with a strong foundation.

Kentucky is not likely to be a spectacular team or a national contender this year.  I would be very happy with seven wins, and ecstatic with more than that, given the competition that the 'Cats will be facing this year.  I think it is important for Kentucky to focus on the team right in front of them, and this week, that part should be real easy.

Now, for the news

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UK Basketball News

  • Dortch: Tennesse can ‘hang’ with Cal’s Cats | Vaught's Views
  • Never on Injured Reserve: You're Only Fooling Yourself John
    How do college head coaches, complete control freaks, not know what is and isn’t going on within their own program?

    Here's a hint -- because nobody can know what people do on their own time, especially before they ever join your program. That's when Rose's alleged violation took place -- before he showed up at Memphis. Even the most obsessive control freak can't be everywhere at once, particularly when the subject of his control is in a different city and not even on the team.

    This is what I mean by people who only want to believe the stuff that supports their own opinion. The guy obviously has a negative opinion of Calipari, and he doesn't really care about inconvenient facts that don't support that opinion.

  • UK’s Violations Are Small, But The Circumstantial Evidence Against Calipari Is Not |
    Here we go again -- conspiracy theories, hidden agendas and "circumstantial evidence." I just want to mock this one statement, and it's incredible irony:

    Do you recall anyone calling Dean Smith a scalawag? Has Mike Krzyzewski been branded a scofflaw?

    Two words: Corey Magette. If Calipari is a "scalawag" for Camby, Krzyzewski is in exactly the same boat. Note to author -- bad example. Also, see Arthur, Darrell, and Self, Bill for comparison to Derrick Rose.

    Look, I'm not going to go to the jealousy thing. I think there are lots of good people out there who are simply mistaken about Calipari, and have been taken in by the media dialogue. That's okay, there's really nothing to be said when people refuse to look at all the evidence and just concentrate on the evidence that supports their own beliefs. We see that all the time as fans.

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Other News of Interest

The Daily Schadenfreude

  • Duke strikes a nerve |
    Mere mention of the word Duke, or even a glimpse of it on a Kansas University football pocket schedule, triggers the nasally sound of Mike Krzyzewski pitching for American Express, seemingly apologizing for carrying the label basketball coach, as if it’s beneath someone who has so much of great import to offer the world.

    Oh, schadenfreude! I have been waiting for an anti-K rant for a while. Looks like my wait is over.

  • You Are Now Officially Less Of A Man - Hunting - Deadspin
    Holy handbag, Batman!

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