SEC Power Poll, Week 1


Sorry that I didn't get this out sooner, but better late than never.

The first SEC Power Poll is out for week 1 of the college football season, and it can be found at its new home, which is Team Speed Kills.

For the sake of transparency and just because I should be doing it, here is A Sea of Blue's ballot for the first SEC Power Poll, after the jump:

Team Rank Comments
Florida 1 Scored a lot of points. They still have to be considered the fave.
Alabama 2 Strong showing against a strong opponent.
Mississippi 3 Ate a cupcake. Time will tell.
LSU 4 Good win on the road against a BCS team, but LSU's defense didn't impress.
Georgia 5 Tough loss to a very good team. I refuse to dock them too much.
Tennessee 6 Crushed Western, but allowed them to score.
Kentucky 7 A shutout against a weak team is more impressive than giving up points to a weak team.
South Carolina 8 Played arguably the second most boring game in recent NCAA history, but beat a BCS opponent.
Arkansas 9 What can I say? Blew out a weak opponent.
Auburn 10 A good victory. Not as impressive as others.
Vanderbilt 11 Actually pretty impressive, especially defensively. I just can't move them up yet, but this team bears watching.
Mississippi State
12 Still not sure about this team. Watch.

As usual, not many of our SEC brothers and/or sisters were terribly impressed with Kentucky's performance, and I can't really blame them for that.  UK has to prove that they can beat somebody other than mid-majors and SEC cellar-dwellers on a consistent basis for anyone to take notice, and even though we upset LSU and Georgia a few years, back, this is a, "What have you done for me lately" league, and lately, the 'Cats haven't done much.

But I am convinced enough that this team is legit to put them over South Carolina and Arkansas.  They may prove me dead wrong right quick, and if so, I will vote accordingly, but putting up only seven points against last year's worst team in scoring defense, as South Carolina did, will not impress anybody, but the Wolfpack is a BCS team and that counts for something.  Plus, USC did show a very good defense, so ranking UK above them is certainly a bit of homerism that may come back to haunt me.  As for Arkansas and Auburn, well, let's just say that I'm not sold on either team at all based on this week's performance, and I think UK looked better.  Arkansas allowed an FCS team to score 10 points on them in the first half.  Auburn played a fairly tough opponent in Louisiana Tech, but you would expect a top-flight SEC team to have won more convincingly, and not to have played to nearly a draw in the first half.  That tells me Auburn may not be top-flight, but they may be better than UK.  But right now, no sale.

Florida gets the #1 nod only because they should be the best in the SEC, and if they prove not to be, it will be a pretty big surprise.  Alabama did a good job against a tough Va. Tech. team and could make a case for the #1 spot for week 1 based on that performance, but I don't believe yet that they could stop Florida from scoring 30.  But we'll see.

I gave Georgia a break, but if their QB problems continue, they'll be falling fast.  It's no shame to lose on the road to Oklahoma State, which is a good football team.  Ole Miss did not impress, but they should be in the top three right now based on potential and the return of Snead.  LSU, well, they're trading on reputation right now, plus the fact that they travelled a long way and still won.  I have to admit that Tennessee looked good, and that's all I can say about that.

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