Poll: Kentucky roster 2010


Will Kentucky make Coach Calipari honor commitments and "do the right thing"?  Or will Kentucky decide to push kids out the door to get an entirely new stellar class of athletes that could compete for a National Championship by next season?

Exciting new developments from a team that just a little over a week ago lost in the NIT to now having an elite coach making serious changes to UK's squad...

I would like to get others thoughts on this and see who should stay, who should go, and what we might lose even if we win it all next season.

I have my own opinions about what Coach Calipari wants to do with the current players.  I really believe that even though Kentucky would have a chance to take the Memphis commitments and have the top 3 players in the country suit up for us, I think this should come down to a Coach and a program that should put the idea of loyalty and honor above winning.  Yes, I said it.

I do not want Kentucky to fail, but even with Orton and Hood coming, we could be a top 15-25 team next season.  This is miles away from where we were 3-4 years ago.  I don't buy the whole "Porter should concentrate on his studies" baloney.  This is a nice way of saying "Thanks, but no thanks.  You just aren't good enough to wear that jersey anymore."  Do I think players like Porter are going to excel in Calipari system?  No.  But, this is about young men who give it their all to come and bust their asses every day to compete at Kentucky.

I think we owe them more than our thanks.

Best case scenario...

Kentucky does the unthinkable:

1. Calipari "trims" the roster and dumps kids to open scholarships for the #1, #2, and #3 players in the nation on top of Orton and Hood.

2.  Meeks and Patterson stick around and Kentucky wins big...going undefeated.

3.  Kentucky blisters through the Big Dance and yes, we win the NCAA Championship.

4.  Some call it the best college basketball team ever assembled.

As amazing as all of that sounds, we must ask ourselves if winning is so paramount that it would mean breaking a kids heart, taking away his scholarship, making them lose a year of eligibilty and proving to the nation that Kentucky does not honor commitments.

I say it is not worth it.

Go Cats.




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