Blogpoll Ballot: CBS BlogPoll Week 4

Well, now that we've all been through an orgy of angst and frustration spurred by our recent interview of Mike Casey, let's step back for just a few minutes and take a look at the state of college basketball as a whole.

After the jump, you'll see my BlogPoll ballot and find a link to the final aggregated results of this week's voting.

Here is A Sea of Blue's ballot:

Rank Team Delta
1 Connecticut 2
2 Pittsburgh 1
3 Memphis 1
4 North Carolina 2
5 Kansas 3
6 Michigan St. 3
7 Louisville 3
8 Duke 1
9 Oklahoma 3
10 Missouri 5
11 Washington 5
12 Gonzaga 2
13 Wake Forest 2
14 UCLA 4
15 Brigham Young 7
16 Arizona St. 5
17 Purdue 2
18 Villanova 5
19 Clemson 7
20 Xavier 3
21 Marquette 4
22 Illinois 2
23 Louisiana St.
24 West Virginia 3
25 Butler
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Utah (#24).
  • Despite the fact that Ken Pomeroy has Memphis at the top of the heap, I just can't seem to put them there.
  • I was reluctant to put Butler in #25, but I held my nose and did it.  The other contenders for the spot didn't seem any more worthy.
  • Brigham Young knocked off a couple of good teams this past week, and combined with some poor efforts in the middle, winds up as the fastest riser.  Beating San Diego State on the road and Utah convincingly at home is worthy of notice.
  • I still like Pittsburgh to win it all.  The loss to Providence on the road looks like an aberration to me.
  •  Michigan State continues to win, and hence move up.  Why don't I feel better about their position?
  • Kansas just looks awesome right now.  I know they beat OU without Griffin, but Sherron Collins is giving Ty Lawson a run for his money as the best PG in Division I.  And what can you say about the development of Cole Aldrich?  Every time I look at him, I think, "This is what Jared Carter should be."  Alas.
  • Duke won this week, but do they look like winners against a team that plays great defense?  Not to me.
  • Does West Virginia even belong in the poll?  I really don't know, I can't make sense of it all.
  • Why don't I have LSU higher?  Pomeroy says they are barely better than UK, and frankly, I think he's right.  LSU is a very solid team, but they have major holes defensively, and UK exposed them even in defeat.  How do you think they would hold up against Louisville or Pittsburgh.  I'm thinking not very well.

That's my thoughts.  Post yours below.  Here is the link to the final poll, and Jerry Hinnen's comments.

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