Morning Newspaper for Sunday, March 29th


Beware the Ides of March. 

Well, we are somewhat past that, but UK basketball has come to regard March with some trepidation.  For the second time in as many years, we will likely reach April Fools Day without a head men's basketball coach.  As Sunday dawned dark and drear, it was a reflection of my mood at the moment.

I have been a Kentucky fan for years, but the last four years have been the longest stretch of misery I can personally remember.  Even probation was over in a couple of years, and UK was on the road to recovery.  This time, it seems interminable, trapped in the same time warp as Notre Dame and Alabama football have been fairly recently.  It is not a pleasant thing.

Now, the news.

Kentucky Basketball News

  • A really interesting take on the UK situation from a UK expatriate in China.  This is a true Kentucky fan, having to watch games as updates to the ESPN ticker.
  • John Hale of the Kentucky Kernel says that if we had seen more of the Billy Gillispie we saw at his press conference yesterday, he may yet have remained coach.
  • Gregg Doyel says that Louisville fans are having more fun than you, no matter who you are.  Well, I could hardly disagree with that, at least for my part.
  • USA Today speculates on replacements for Gillispie.
  • The Dallas Morning News says that TAMU fans are chuckling at UK and Gillispie's expense.  I think they have an awful lot of company, frankly.
  • Pitino plugs his ex-players for UK coach.  That's what we need -- our chief rival heading our coaching search.  Can the irony possibly get any more droll than this?
  • Bob Kravitz at the Indianapolis Star thinks Izzo is the guy for UK.  He makes a compelling case.  If Michigan State wins against the Cardinals today, I might be leading the charge.  I find it interesting that Pitino seems to be actively trying to discourage that possibility.
  • Heh.  Well, you knew this was coming -- Part I.
  • Via Eric Crawford, Rick Pitino gives the long answer to the UK coach question.  I don't necessarily disagree with him about Pelphrey or Ford, but I just don't think their time has come yet.  That's my opinion.  But you would certainly be forgiven if you valued Pitino's over mine, even if he does work for our most bitter foe. 

    Just one note to Rick -- Florida is not in the Big East.  I know the Big East has so many teams that it's hard to remember them all.  Just trying to help, coach.

  • Another vote for Travis Ford.
  • Heh.  Well, you knew this was coming -- Part II.
  • Bret Dawson on Gillispie's press conference.
  • John Clay takes a few parting shots at Gillispie.
  • A Michael Avery interview.  Did you know he was currently the #1 player in America for 2012?
  • X's & O's makes some really good points about the responsibilities of coaches and athletics directors to make sure they mutually understand the expectations of the position before offer or acceptance.  Maybe he should have emailed this to Barnhart and Gillispie two years ago, and saved us all a headache.
  • Marc Maggard thinks good things are coming soon.  At this point, I appreciate anyone spreading a message of hope and good cheer at 3 AM, even if it does come with the obligatory disclaimer.
  • More Michael Avery news.  Where has this been?  Still more here.
  • Heh.  Well, you knew this was coming -- Part III.
  • Another vote for Travis Ford.
  • Gillispie's tenure as an employer-employee relationship, and its consequences.
  • Heh.  Well, you knew this was coming -- Part IV.
  • Jody Demling says UK's recruits are in "Wait and see" mode.
  • Alan Cutler -- Ouch.  And more here.  Can a circus have more than three rings?
  • Hoopville brings the pain.

Other Kentucky Sports News

  • Football Wildcats open spring practice on Wednesday.  That will be a nice distraction from the wreckage that is the UK basketball program right now.
  • Kentucky narrowly loses a wild one to the Gamecocks.  I listend to about two innings of this game, and when I started, UK was down 20-10 in the 7th.  When I turned it off, UK was down 20-17 in the 8th.  But UK came back to win the nightcap, and plays the rubber match today.

Other News of Interest

  • 1987 Kentucky Derby winner Alysheba put down.  A sad day for the Sport of Kings.


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