What Can UK Improve Going Forward?

Many out there believe UK will not be successful under Billy G. I can't say that doubt hasn't crept in somewhat, but what would it take for that to happen. Definitely some improvements need to be made. I think the best way to figure out what to improve is to see what cost us games this season. Here goes the painful recap:

Team          3 pt difference      TO

VMI                    14-3                  25            Hard to overcome 11 more 3's and 25 TO

UNC                  7-3                   28            UK outrebounded and outshot the Heels

Miami                8-2                   13            UK was 2-23 from 3pt land

UL                     11-6                 21             UK outrebounded UL, same fg%

Miss                  10-7                10             Killed on boards, 7-28 from 3pt

USC                  7-3                   21             UK outrebounded and shot 52%

MSU                 14-4                 15              Like VMI, hard to overcome that many 3's

Vandy                5-6                   15            UK lost on boards, Vandy shot 40 ft

USC                  8-4                   20            UK lost block stat 16-4--anomaly

LSU                  9-3                    15            UK outrebounded and shot 54%

UGA                 11-9                  13            Lost battle of boards, flukie UGA shooting

UF                    8-2                    23             UK outrebounded and outshot UF

LSU                 8-4                     14            LSU took 16 more shots (off boards/TO)


So looking back it looks pretty clear that lack of 3 point shooting, lack of 3 point defense, and lack of solid ballhandling cost us most games. Rebounding was a factor in a few of these, but in most cases the Cats did just fine.

In the losses, the cats gave up 120 three pointers and only made 56. That is an average of 9 threes per game for the opponents and a difference of nearly 5 threes per game.

Turnovers were clearly a huge problem that cost us all year. BG teams are not known for turnovers, so we have to assume personnel over leadership. His best perimeter player led the team in turnovers (maybe even the SEC).

I dont see a single game up there that the Cats could not have won if they had cut the turnovers in half, and decreased the 3 pointer margin.

Does this give you hope for the future under Billy? If we add more ball handlers and shooters, don't you think this team can win a bunch of games? I would love to think so myself. Go Big Blue!

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