Morning Newspaper for February 19th


The big news this morning is, as if by magic, UK finds itself tied again for the lead in the SEC East.  That's right, all three leaders in the East have lost so far this week, and once again UK, Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee are tied with identical 7-4 records.

More in today's news.

Kentucky Basketball News

Kentucky Football/Other Sports News

  • Matt Jones discusses UK's ill-conceived football schedule of next year.  Isn't football in the SEC tough enough without the UK athletic department making it harder?  That move of the Louisville game to the third week is not looking like such a bright idea next year, and I suppose those of us who defended the idea have no real right to complain.  The 'Cats are just going to have to man up.
  • Chris Rusin is finally healthy, and ready to lead the baseball team to another outstanding season.

NCAA Basketball News

  • Mississippi State eeks by South Carolina.  More here.
  • Ole Miss defeats Tennessee.  Great -- now the Vols will be mad as heck on Saturday.  I hope we will too, we darn sure should be.  More at Rocky Top Talk.
  • Penn State takes down Illinois at Champagne.
  • Butler bites the bullet at Milwaukee.
  • Pac-10 officiating is getting a lot of heat from the fans, and the coaches.  Will the SEC crews be next?
  • Arkansas has refused to be forthcoming about why Marcus Monk was dismissed, and the newspapers are not happy about it.
  • SEC Power Poll Round Table roundup for your viewing pleasure.
  • This blogger makes a defensible argument for eliminating the play-in game, but doesn't offer a suggestion on how to solve the problem that necessitated it's creation.
  • The Loathsome Troll Jeff Goodman says that you can toss all the teams below the top 4 in a hat.  I hate to agree with him, but I must.
  • Why Duke won't make the Final Four in the next five years.  Heh.  Duke loathing is so good for the soul.
  • Mike Miller has some tournament tremors for us.
  • Rush the Court looks at the status of teams in various conferences.

NCAA Football News

  • The Liberty Bowl is in trouble with the Feds for not complying with the Americans With Disabilities Act, and has until 2010 to make $40 million dollars worth of improvements.  Memphis may have problems in this economy with finding the money necessary.
  • What if Lane Kiffin was't the spoiled, out-of-control brat he appears to be?

Other News of Interest

  • The recession is hitting some college athletics departments hard.
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