What A GREAT Saturday!!

First, UK beats UNC....then Alabama beats UF.....then UofL gets crushed at's almost like Christmas 3 weeks early!!! UofL was missing 3 players and it's not going to help our RPI when we crush them but who doesn't LOVE to watch a good Card whoopin?

A few thoughts on the day.

Everyone talks about Wall and Cousins leaving after one year and we'll certainly miss them but I think Orton and Bledsoe will be a great foundation for next years team. Bledsoe looked pretty cool at the line there at the end and he's got all the skills if he just starts playing within himself. Orton made the play of the game imo, when we were up by 2 and he had the point blank shot block that led to a fast break basket putting us up by 4.

The player I think we're going to miss most next year is he a stud or what? NEVER gets rattled....never stops hustling.....what a heart the kid has!!  We let them come back because we quit getting the ball to Patrick....something good happens almost everytime he touches the ball. He's joined Kenny Walker as one of my favorite UK players of all time!!

I did take Tru's advise (from the header of the game thread) and clicked on the UNC link to their SBNation site. It must be brand new or maybe they don't have many fans with computers!!;-) We had hundreds of posts and they had 10. On the post game....we currently have 250+, they didn't have any. Maybe they're all going out to the airport to welcome UNC home!!

Did the first half remind anyone else of UK in the mid 90's? Talk about spurtability....strangely if Kellogg mentioned that during the game, I missed it. I think Coach C is proving to be EVERYTHING we wanted in a coach....just wish we'd have hired him 2 years ago!!

Loosing Wall to cramps obviously took the wind out of our sails but the team never quit hustling....never quit playing solid defense. We lost focus on the offensive end but we also missed some shots that we were hitting in the first half. Bottom line, we won a game against a very good team that we could easily have choked away and we didn't!!

I was pulling for Alabama and thought they played a super game. UF just never seemed to get any rhythm going in the game, they just didn't seem to have their normal focus. I'm kind of tired of Tebow and it'll be great to see him graduate but watching the kid crying at the end shows EXACTLY why he stayed around for his 4th've got to admire a kid with that kind of heart.

Ah Louisville......the floor stomping and Coach C wanting to play more games in Freedom Hall just seem to be getting under their skin. You'd think with a football Coach to hire, a new arena coming, and the number of injuries they have would be enough to keep their minds off UK but apparently not. LOTS of chatter on their sites about these two subjects!! Living in's kind of a head scratcher to me because they're going to have a new arena next year anyway.....just don't understand why this is bothering them but it definitely is!!

The only thing that could have made this Saturday any better is if all my Christmas shopping were done!!! Oh well....can't have everything!:-)

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