GOG 2009 #05

The Cats take their show on the road (well, neutral court anyway) after a decisive win against a good Rider team.  Cleveland State is a good squad out of the Horizon Conference that is coming off a trip to the NCAA Tournament that included a convincing drubbing of a good Wake Forest team.  In their second game the Cats will get their first crack at a BCS-conference opponent facing either Virginia or Stanford.  Personally, I am hoping for Virginia as the Cats owe them for that loss in Maui 6 years ago.  Also, even though Virginia will be pretty mediocre, the ACC will be much better than the Pac-10 this year which helps that RPI SOS ever so slightly.

GOG #00 contains information about the game.

Info about Cleveland State, Stanford, and Virginia and the Cancun Challenge

Congratulations to yearofthecat for winning GOG#04!  Click the link to see the full scores.

GOG 2009 #04: Cancun Challenge [Max 54 points]


  1. What will UK's record be in the two games they play? [3 pts] 2-0
  2. UK has an average margin of victory of 14.25 points through the first four games.  What is their total margin of victory for the two games (a loss will count as a negative MOV for this question)? [4 pts if correct, 3 pts within one, 2 pts within two, 1 pt within three] Total MOV was 32 points (24 vs CSU, and 8 against Stanford)
  3. UK will face either Stanford or Virginia in their second game.  Who will it be? [ +1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] Stanford
  4. In which game does UK score the most points: first or second? [ +1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] This was a tie as UK scored 73 points in each game, everybody got this correct
  5. Does UK make more 3-pt shots than their opponents (both games combined)? [ +1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] UK opponents edged the Cats 12-11 on made 3-ptrs for the two games
  6. The other four teams (Rider, Sam Houston St, Florida A&M, Oral Roberts) will play in the Mayan division.  Which team wins that bracket? [3 pts] Sam Houston St won this division over Rider
  7. As Ken Howlett mentioned in the PostMortem, the Rider game was the first time all season in which UK finished a game with more assists than turnovers.  How many times does UK accomplish that feat in Cancun? [3 pts] 0 games as UK committed more turnovers than assists in each contest (15 to 20 against CSU, 15-16 against Stanford)
  8. What is UK's overall difference in assists and turnovers (assists - turnovers) for the two games? [3 pts] UK was -6 for the two games
  9. Who leads UK in rebounding against Cleveland St? [3 pts] This was a suprise tie between Darius Miller and Ramon Harris, each with 8 rebounds
  10. Who leads UK in scoring against Cleveland St? [3 pts] John Wall led the way with 15 points
  11. Who leads UK in assists against Cleveland St? [3 pts] This was an easy one, John Wall with 6
  12. Cleveland St is led by 6-1 junior Norris Cole who is averaging 21.0 ppg and hitting 58.3% on 3-pt shots (7 of 12).  He is also averaging 2.5 steals per game.  Predict Cole's points/made 3-ptrs/steals against the Cats. [2 pts each] UK held Cole to 9 points, 1 3-ptr, and 2 steals
  13. Patterson is having the kind of monster season that we all wanted to see.  Predict his points/rebounds/blocks against Cleveland St. [2 pts each] Patterson only played 18 minutes but still managed 9 points, 5 rebounds, and 1 block
  14. Patterson and Cousins each already have an 18-rebound game which is pretty incredible.  Who grabs the most rebounds in the tournament? [ +1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] Patrick did just a little more on the boards, grabbing 16 to Cousin's 12
  15. Which group grabs more rebounds for the tournament: Patterson + Cousins or the rest of the team combined? [ +1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] The rest of the team grabbed more than Patrick and DeMarcus, 59 to 28
  16. John Wall put on a show against Rider, predict his assists/steals/blocks against Stanford/Virginia. [2 pts each] Wall had 5 assists, 1 steal, and 2 blocks against Stanford
  17. The bench figures to be an important aspect of this tournament for UK as they will be playing their 4th and 5th games in 10 days.  Which UK player scores the most points off the bench against Cleveland St?  Against Stanford/Virginia? [3 pts each] Orton led the way against CSU with 6 points, Harris was the only bench player to score against Stanford and had 7 points.

Deadline for answers is tip-off of the Cleveland St game at 4:30 PM on Tuesday, November 24.

Congratulations to Ken Howlett for winning the Cancun GOG with a score of 23 points!  The decisive question was the total margin of victory which Ken nailed at 32.  Full results are below.


Mean 14.71
St. Dev 4.34
Median 15
Mode 15



GOG #05 Rank UserName # of GOGs GOG #05 TOTAL PTS Rank by PTS AVERAGE Rank by AVG
1 Ken Howlett 2 23 24 9 0.279 1
2 JLeverenz 5 19 29 6 0.153 16
3 btcoop71 2 18 24 9 0.279 1
4 BigSkyCat 5 17 32 3 0.169 11
5 UKWildCatFanatic 4 16 25 8 0.158 14
6 floundringaround 5 16 22 12 0.116 18
7 a2d2 5 15 34 2 0.180 10
8 Wild Weasel 5 15 32 3 0.169 11
9 dancoo626 5 14 38 1 0.201 8
10 UKlvrJM 1 14 14 17 0.259 4
11 Acdixon 4 13 31 5 0.203 7
12 EagleTDL 4 12 24 9 0.152 17
13 GoLightning 4 9 29 6 0.184 9
14 RandomGuy0 4 5 16 14 0.101 19

yearofthecat 2
20 13 0.278 3

Ontherocks 3
16 14 0.162 13

bluelaw 3
16 14 0.154 15

SpartanWildcat 2
14 17 0.206 6

hoboat33 1
7 19 0.226 5

E4 1
3 20 0.083 20
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