The ABC's of This Saturday

So, your'e feeling pretty good after that nifty come from behind win at Athens last Saturday night? Think the Cats look like they have the upper hand come Saturday with Tennessee?? Well, here's the ABC's of what we need to remember before we get too cocky.

 24-game winstreak for the Vols against Kentucky 

B e very careful not to place too much faith in  those three bowl wins just yet. 

C an we avoid exactly what happened to Georgia last week?  They had a great 1st half and got lazy in the 2nd half. If you don't play 2 solid halves in the SEC, you get beat.

D on't take too much stock in this 4 years in a row bowl thing. Florida State qualified for their 28th consecutive bowl appearance this last weekend. We could walk over Florida State this year even if they DID get to bring the entire team. Tennessee does NOT want to play in an In-State bowl game. It's kind of like kissing your sister.....unless you live in Florida.

E ven if Tennessee is having a down year, they are dangerous.

F inally we are on an even keel with these guys and the oddsmakers still have UT a 3pt favorite.

G iven the fact that our defense is as strong as it has been all year, they have to be even tougher Saturday. I guarantee you their defense will be.

H ome field advantage is only going to be there if everyone shows up and literally makes Tennessee commit mistakes in communication.

I don't care that we just beat Georgia, because we only played 1 good half of football to do it.

J ust playing well wont be enough this week. We have to force Tennessee to make mistakes.

K eep in mind we have not played 2 really good games back to back all year in SEC competition.

L ones Sieber may end up being the key to this game. We will need him to win.

M onte Kiffin does not like to lose. We need to remind  him of why.

N o turnovers. I repeat No turnovers.

O pen field running will make or break us on both sides of the ball. We need to see some runs go for over 20 on offense.

P lay calling is going to be critical......Do you hear me Joker??????

Q uarterback Morgan Newton needs to have his breakout game. It has been coming for weeks. It is time.

R  andall Cobb .....Derrick Locke....John Connor......Moncell Allen......we dont run well, we dont win.

S pecial teams play just needs to keep up the good work. They have improved SO much since the beginning of the year.

T ennessee is NOT afraid of us. We must break them. (done in my best russian accent)

U niform color does not matter people. It's the color that the wearer bleeds that matters.

V ictory is within our grasp. Don't go into Commonwealth Stadium thinking the Football Gods owe us one. This game is too important for that kind of thinking.

W inning means no more doormat status in the SEC East, and not just UK fans will think so. The whole SEC is watching this one.....and a good portion of the country. These kinds of games are what get you recruits from everywhere.

X 's and O's wont tell the whole story of this game. Not by a long shot.

Y ou know how badly we want to win this game, they dont. And they dont care either.

Z eus himself couldnt cause the planets to align any better for this to happen. But that's usually when things go wrong. We have to eliminate all the mistakes, and push farther than we have pushed all year.

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