The Cats Went Down To Georgia

Blatantly stolen from one of the masters of storytelling, Mr. Charlie Daniels. Sorry Charlie I just could not resist.

The Cats went down to Georgia they were looking for a game to steal,

they were in a bind, cause they were way behind, Brooks was looking to make a deal

When they came across the Bulldogs they were running and playin real hot,

Ol' Rich jumped up on a hickory stump and said boys let me tell you what

I guess you didnt know it, but we're a football team too, and if you care to take a dare

I'll make a bet with you. Now they played pretty good football boys, but give us Cats our due,

I'll bet a post-season bowl, against your souls, that we can play better too.


The boys said we're all tired but Coach we're all true blue, but we will take your bet, and theyre gonna regret

Cause we believe it too.


Randall you tighten up those laces and and run that football hard, cause hell's broke loose in Georgia

and the Dawgs hold all the cards. And if you win you'll get that game down south where youve never been

but if you lose it's Nashville time again.

( fiddle break)

The Dawgs opened up the half and said we'll start this show, and fire flew from his cleats as down the field they started to go. But they made a mistake and handed the ball back to the Cats, and tried to dig in their heels. Cause there aint no way they were going to be beat. ( malicious sounding background music here)

Well, Ol' Randall leaned way back and said you guys are pretty good, but just stay over there on the sidelines and we will show you how it's done.


Locke is in the backfield runnin like he's tryin to steal.

Mc Caskill got to throw the ball and hit a guy downfield

The defense is getting the ball back and Georgia's started to reel

The Dawgs are cryin out like their bone we're tryin to steal.


Well the Dawgs they bowed their heads because they knew that they'd been beat.

And they laid down on the field curled up whining  at the Wildcats feet.

And Ol' Rich said boys we'll see you again next year if you care to play.

Cause the East wont be the same again, at least not after today.

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