This week its Tarot Card predictions



Last week we tried looking in our Crystal Balls and that prove fruitless for me (and really uncomfortable). This week we're using Tarot Cards to divine the winning score for this weekend's pigskin lovefest with Vanderbilt a few blocks from the fondly and foggily remembered Printer's Alley.

As the season wears on it should be easier and easier to gauge teams based on their past performance just like thoroughbreds. It just doesn't work that way, neither team is a thoroughbred. Regardless, I've got a horse in this race and I'm going to pick them to win - not just because it's my horse but because it's the better horse.

Which Vandy team will show up - the one that played inspired against Florida last week or the one that lost to Army (!?!?). I really haven't watched Vandy this year except for last week's game and know less about them than any team in the SEC. They have a highly respected coach; in fact, Bobby Johnson shares the distinction with Papa Brooks of being the most liked coaches among their peers - well, duh; and I really like to play one on one against my ten year old. But I digress. Outside of Coach Johnson not much press has been put out on Vandy's pluses. Scanning through their stats is incredible. Out of about 60 entries on the stat sheet Vandy has the higher number in ten (10) and some are beauts - First Downs Passing, of course, they're always playing from behind; Yards Lost Rushing, oops; Average Yards Per Rush, now that is worrisome;  Passing Attempts, see first item; Kick Off Return/Yardage, another bad stat to "lead" in; Kick Return Average, experience helps; Fumbles, ouch; Penalties, ouch again; Punts, no mas! no mas!; and Sacks, oy vey!

Now if Kentucky brings their heart from the Auburn game and stoke the fire in their belly with the disappointment from the MSU game, they can finally beat a team they way should have beat Louisville, like a rented mule. Newton continues to improve, Matthews learns to play harder and with passion, the O-Line continues its' greatness, Lindley returns with a bang, Cobb cures cancer and saves the rain forest and Hartline mops up with a score in the 4th.

Final score: Kentucky 38, Vandy 10 and we're bowling.

Now take your shot.

(Please note: Last week's winner was Tru; however, he retains no bragging rights since he didn't even get to watch the game while blowing his retirement money at Churchill.)

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