GOG 2009 #01

Finally the basketball season has arrived!  Exhibitions are fun, but the games that count are waaaaay better, and after having to *gag* watch the likes of UNC and Syracuse this week I'm ready to see some Blue.  It's the start of the new season and while we all have hopes and dreams about what this team can do, we don't have any real results to go on.  Will that stop us from making wild guesses about what will happen in the first game?  Of course not!

GOG #00: Go here if you have questions about the GOG.  Also, you still have time get your answers in for  #00!

Without further ado...

UPDATE: Correct answers are in bold below:

GOG 2009 #01: Morehead St [Max 31 points]

  1. Who wins? [ +1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] UK
  2. How many points will UK score? [3 pts] 75
  3. How many points will Morehead St score? [3 pts] 59
  4. Which team scores first? [ +1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] UK
  5. With Wall ineligble for the game, Bledsoe will run the point.  Predict his Points/Assists/Steals. [2 pts each correct answer] 24/4/1
  6. Calipari played everyone except Liggins in the exhibitions (and Wall in the first of course), how many players see the floor in the game? [3 pts] 10
  7. Does Liggins play against Morehead St? [ +1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] No
  8. This game boasts a great matchup between two very good junior forwards in UK's Patrick Patterson and MSU's Kenneth Faried.  Faried was third in the nation in rebounding last season averaging 13.0 boards per game, but also kicked in nearly 2 steals and 2 blocks per game to go along with 13.9 points.  Which player has more combined rebounds, blocks, steals, and points (rebounds+blocks+steals+points)? [ +1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] Patterson edges Faried 33 to 28
  9. Darius Miller will back up Bledsoe at the point and looked pretty good at distributing the ball in the exhibitions.  Predict his assists/steals/turnovers [2 pts each correct answer] 3/0/5
  10. Calipari has warned UK fans that the team will throw the ball around as they learn the system, but they have also shown an ability to force turnovers.  What is UK's turnover margin for the game? [3 pts] UK was -12 (ouch!)
  11. Three Point Watch: How many 3's does Kentucky make in the game? [3 pts] 4

Deadline for answers is tip-off at 6:30 PM on 11/13.

Congratulations to Acdixon for winning the first ASOB GOG with a score of 10 points!  The full results follow below, but here are some descriptive stats:

Mean: 4.667
St Dev: 2.828
Median: 5
Mode: 5


GOG #01 Overall Average

Acdixon 10 10 0.323
hoboat33 7 7 0.226
dancoo626 5 5 0.161
Wild Weasel 5 5 0.161
floundringaround 5 5 0.161
Ontherocks 4 4 0.129
a2d2 4 4 0.129
BigSkyCat 2 2 0.065
JLeverenz 0 0 0.000
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