Who's The SEC Football Coach of the Year? Who's On the Hot Seat?

Coaching in the SEC is demanding, well, at some places. Who's the best this year and who had better be looking over his shoulder?

The race for the over for the two teams in the SEC Championship game. No big surprises there.

Tebow looks good as a Heisman pick and all three new coaches have met the call to improve the programs from last season.

Right now, if I was picking, I would eliminate both Saban and Meyer. They were expected to do what they did. No surprises. After those two -

Gene Chizik   Auburn  - was beat down before he coached the first game. No body's favorite, except the athletic director's maybe, and has done a better than thought job on The Plains.

Lane Kiffin  Tennessee  -  has shown either the program at  Knoxville wasn't actually as bad of shape as everyone thought or he's down a good job. Oc course, bring daddy along didn't hurt anything either.  All of those who were going to pounce on the Vols while they're down might not get the chance they hoped for.

Dan Mullen  Mississippi State - wasn't suppose to be this improved. Winning a few he shouldn't and doesn't look like he wants to be the doormat of the West.  Maybe learning about football at Florida  did make him qualified to step in as a head guy.

Seats Getting Warm?

Houston Nutt  Ole Miss -  Did a great job with what was left over from Coach Orgeron.  This year is finding out being the under dog ain't a bad place to start from.

Mark Richt  Georgia -  The high preseason rankings haven't helped when it comes to preforming.  If he loses to the Wildcats the grumbling will get loud and clear.

Steve Spurrier   South Carolina  - losing to Georgia, Tennessee and slipping by Kentucky and Vandy isn't showing the home town fans much. Still has a young team. One of the up and coming quarterbacks. Maybe just one more season and , well you've heard it all before.

Don't Need  To Worry Yet

Les Miles  LSU  -  winning at Baton Rouge is important. Very important. Losing to the two teams who are going to the Championship game will buy you some time. Three losses makes it shaky for the guy.

Couldn't Lose Their Jobs

Bobby Johnson  Vanderbilt  -  toughest place in the conference to coach. He isn't going to get any ATHLETES/students to work with. If can't get in its hard to play. Does a good job and runs a clean program. Beats a few he shouldn't and that good enough for the athletic director/ president.

Rich Brooks  Kentucky  - I could say a lot, but wbat's the use? Have you ever seen his athletic director say we expect x amount of wins?  Or This year we should be battling for x place in the Eastern Divison?  Ain't going to happen until the fans show they want improvement.  Baby steps.  Next coach is already picked and is on the current staff. So why make demands for so many wins?  The Cats' upper crust is so happy with what they have and apparently don't mind if the same continues.

My opinion. 

Let's hear yours.

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