SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 10


At this point in the season, there is a lot of jockeying for position down in the lower reaches of the league, but with the division champions settled and only two or three games left, the four and five win teams are striving to earn bowl eligibility, and the better teams are trying to polish their credentials and avoid the late-season upset.

As for Kentucky, well, they are really two SEC wins away from finding themselves firmly in the middle of the pack.  Right now, despite some factors that make them look better on paper than some others, it's hard to put a team with only one SEC win, even a pretty good one, too high.

With all that said, my ballot follows the jump.

Team cWL W-L bWL SoS MoV PF-PA FBR Next opponent Polls Comments
Florida 7-0 9-0 7-0 47.41 24.9 315-91 2 Florida International 1,[1!] Only 27 points vs. the 'Dores? What can that mean?
Alabama 6-0 9-0 7-0 52.62 19.1 278-106 3 Tennessee-Chattanooga 3,[2!] Too strong for the Tigers this year.
LSU 4-2 7-2 5-2 50.74 11.7 226-121 15 at Mississippi 11,8 Alabama was clearly the better team, but the loss of Scott to a broken collarbone really hurts an already anemic LSU offense.
Auburn 3-3 7-3 4-3 46.42 8.4 350-266 27 Nov 28, Alabama 25,27 Can Aubie rise up and smite the Bulldogs?
Arkansas 2-4 5-4 3-4 49.7 9.4 320-235 34 Mississippi State
On a roll at the end of the season.
South Carolina 3-4 6-4 4-4 44.86 0.9 213-204 38 Nov 28, Clemson 42 Another late-season swoon for the Gamecocks? Sure looks that way.
Georgia 3-3 5-4 4-4 48.67 1 244-235 41 Kentucky
Mauled the Golden Eagles, but Richt really needs an SEC scalp.
Mississippi 2-3 6-3 2-3 38.54 14.1 269-142 54 LSU 39,38 Ole Miss once again shows a less than stout defense against an FCS foe.
Tennessee 2-3 5-4 2-4 46.08 13.2 289-170 42 Vanderbilt 37,35 Has Crompton actually learned to throw the football? This could be trouble for Tennessee's foes.
Kentucky 1-4 5-4 2-4 48.83 4.4 244-204 36 at Georgia
Easy game could not have come at a better time for the traveling M.A.S.H. Unit that is the Kentucky Wildcats.
Mississippi State 2-3 4-5 2-4 55.59 2.3 242-221 60 at Arkansas
Open date
Vanderbilt 0-6 2-8 0-7 40.47 -5.8 167-225 108 at Tennessee
At least with Spikes on the bench, the 'Dores didn't have to wear eye guards. But it didn't help their offense.


Your comments, as always, are welcome and encouraged.

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