The Big Blue Daily Mail -- The Return

Yes, I know the BBDM has been absent for a couple of days.  Sorry.  Sometimes, other priorities exert themselves, and although I have the best of intentions to make this a daily thing, occasionally I have to bite the bullet and choose between sleep and blogging.  Sleep is winning more and more often.

But enough about that.  Today's BBDM contains tons of basketball stuff, lots of football stuff, and some good, well-earned schadenfreude that we (well, at least, I) dearly love.  What can I say?  Hating back is a time-honored tradition among sports fans, and who am I to shun tradition?  I mean, "Kentucky fan" and "Tradition" go together like peanut butter and jelly (mmmm...).

Okay, on to the news:

Top Stories

  • Lindley Out, Warford Day-to-Day
    "That’s life in football," Brooks said of the prospects of playing a lot of young corners at South Carolina. "(Martavius) Neloms came in and did a really good job against Alabama in his first extended action when he was being tested. I think this is a great opportunity for not only him, but for the other guys behind him that haven’t seen a lot of action. We’re going to check our depth out real quick here and find out what we’re made of."

    Yeah, Neloms got burned for a touchdown that I think Lindley would have prevented. I appreciate Brooks' comments about the young man, and I am rooting for him, but I am far from sanguine.

  • Derrick Jasper voted MWC preseason newcomer of the year
    Awesome. I really wish Derrick had stayed at Kentucky.

  • Kentucky Sports Radio -- Dave Kersey says He is Hearing CJ Leslie will commit
    Hope so.

UK Basketball News

  • John Clay: Sustained success makes UK No. 1 - SPORTS UPDATE -
    For my money, Kentucky is the top program of all time. Yes, UCLA has more titles. Yes, North Carolina has great tradition and nearly as many wins. Yes, it could be argued that Kansas was the birthplace of modern college basketball.

    But no program has sustained its success decade after decade — titles in 1948 and 1949, titles in 1951 and 1958, a runner-up finish in 1966, title in 1978, a Final Four in 1984, two more titles in 1996 and 1998 — like Kentucky.

    John Clay and I are thinking exactly alike on this one.

  • UK Basketball: Orton misses his mother:
    Daniel Orton is still not sure what he’ll do to honor his mother this season, but he knows the Kentucky freshman wants to find a way to keep her memory close to him at all times.

    I know how it is to lose your mother, but not at such an early age. I'm sure Daniel will think of a way to honor her every game.

  • UK Basketball: Calipari has own expectations for Cats:
    What expectations do you have for this team?

    Calipari: "All I want is that every day we leave that we feel good about what we just did. My challenge is to keep these guys in the moment, not worrying about November and December. I must keep them in today. Then there is no anxiety, nothing crazy. It’s all feeling good about today and continue building that mental toughness and swagger. We do that by bunting about 100 straight bunts. It’s not hitting home runs, it’s bunts.

    That sounds familiar, the "...keep[ing] thse guys in the moment..." thing.

  • UK Basketball: Orton will accept any role:
  • Harrellson comfortable looking ahead |
    "A lot of people say they see something in me. A lot of times, I don't see it."New UK Coach John Calipari describes Harrellson as a "diamond in the rough." Last week, Calipari noted how his dribble-drive offense requires ball-handling skills and quick-fire decision making. The coach suggested Harrellson could contribute those qualities.

    I think this might be the most fascinating storyline of the upcoming season. How many of us would have bet that Harrellson would have been a transfer this year?

  • Calipari just keeps getting it right | Vaught's Views

UK Football News

  • Tom Leach Productions
    As of Tuesday night, our poll results show 40% of fans want to see Rich Brooks give freshman Morgan Newton a chance at quarterback with 31% wanting to stick with Mike Hartline. Veteran coach Terry Donahue knows all about these kinds of quarterback debates and he says some interesting comments on why it's risky to throw a true freshman into the kind of schedule Kentucky is facing right now.

    Great stuff from Tom Leach as always.

  • UK blowing its margin for errors |
    The 2009 Wildcats have had extremely slippery fingers, which has Brooks concerned heading into Saturday's game at No. 25 South Carolina.

    That's what troubles me also.

Other UK Sports News

NCAA Sports News

Other News of Interest

The Daily Schadenfreude

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