The Big Blue Daily Mail Early Edition -- Talking About the Blue/White Game

There is a ton of talk today about last night's Blue/White game, and instead of compiling links for everything this morning, I'm just going to focus on that.  We'll have the normal BBDM post later.

I think the buzzword for last night's game is "speed," followed closely by "excitement."  What Wildcat fan would not have been excited by John Wall's blazing speed, Eric Bledsoe's aggressive drives to the hoop, and seeing Patrick Patterson shoot three pointers like he had been doing it for years?

I think I was most excited to see Patterson show off skills that I wondered if he would be able to develop.  Of course, it is early, and there are lots of talented teams out there who will challenge him, but there was no hesitation in Patrick's shot whatsoever.  I love that.  Coach Calipari seems to insist on it, and it is obvious these guys are really comfortable with Calipari as their coach.  Really.  Obvious.  That's something we haven't seen in at least two years.

The news follows the jump.

  • - Staying for a reason
    "I met with Patrick, and I MADE him tell me the reasons he wanted to come back before I accepted him back," Calipari recalled. "’You tell me why you want to come back, kid.’ And I was HOPING he’d give me good reasons, I want to tell you. And he told me he wanted to graduate in three years; he’d never played in an NCAA Tournament and he regretted that, and the third thing he said was, ‘I need to play in your style of game if I’m going to be a good pro. Because right now I’m playing under the basket, and I know I’m not good enough to do that at the next level.’

    Wow. Now that is what a coach should be telling guys like Patterson. This article is simply a must-read.

  • Wall shines as status remains unclear - ncaa -
    Wall, considered one of the top high school players in the nation last year, said he's not trying to focus on his eligibility.

    "It is what it is, it's just something you've got to deal with,'' he said.

    That's exactly right. I think it will work out okay.

  • What a display of athleticism |
    So while who knows what exactly is going on with John Wall's eligibility, after viewing UK's Blue-White scrimmage Wednesday night, there is one thing I do know.

    This is one athletic basketball team.

    Indeed. The athleticism was remarkable.

  • SEC Media Day: Calipari, Patterson all the rage - College Basketball -
    "He’s a god in Kentucky," Patterson said. "They all love him. He’s already in commercials. He’s got the key to the city. He could be Mr. Kentucky."

    Governer Cal? It would be a landslide in every county but Jefferson. But I like him where he is.

  • Calipari, players insist Wall’s issue is no big deal | Vaught's Views
    Nice to hear. Interesting that Calipari says that there are 10-15 kids going through something similar. That aught to tell you something about where Kentucky's profile is right now.

  • Both old, new faces bring optimism to SEC this season -
    "I think this year we'll get in more teams than we've ever gotten in before, at least seven," said Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl. "Not only do I look for us to get more teams in the tournament, I look for us to advance because how good the league is going to be and how competitive it's going to be."

    For once, I agree with The Sweaty One.

  • " BBL: Is Adreian Payne headed to Michigan State? John Clay’s Sidelines
    John Clay's Big Blue Links.

  • Cats show their star power |
    Patrick Patterson drove to Rupp Arena for Wednesday's Blue-White Game in his new Lincoln Mark LT. The black truck was not the only difference for Kentucky's big man.

    "I've got a new game to go with my new car," he said. "I'm trying to show the new areas I'm working on."

    It was wild seeing Patterson shoot (and make) the three.

  • EJSIC College Basketball Preview Series: Kentucky | The Elitist Jerks' Sports Information Collective
    John Wall was a revelation in a "true" game environment. He cut to the basket and scored at will. He led the break with speed and control. He passed like Magic. He tomahawk jammed like MJ. He fell 3 rebounds short of a triple double to go along with his 25 points. In short… He pooped ice cream all over us all.

    EWWW! I feel soiled by this comment. Well, he was pretty good ...

  • Bledsoe went with the flow | Vaught's Views
    Keith Taylor writes for Larry's blog in this post.

  • Mailbag Time - Is it Acceptable to Hate Kentucky Just Because? - Casual Hoya
    It is important to point out, however, this hate is different from Duke hate, which stems from ESPN's nauseating love affair with the program and its long and storied tradition of floor slapping and flopping. Kentucky hate stems from the love affair Wildcats have with themselves. I want Kentucky to fail because I am sick of hearing about them. Immature, yes, but I never claimed to be mature, I mean after all, I may or may not have just written a letter to myself.

    A little honest UK hate from the SB Nation Hoya blogger. If my memory serves we still owe Georgetown one. Maybe we'll get lucky this year and have a chance to return an old favor.

    Embrace the hate, and laugh at the funnies he cracks. If we are going to be hated because we are in love with ourselves, we might as well act the part. :-)

  • Tom Leach - Kentucky Football, Kentucky Basketball, UK Football, UK Basketball
    Lots of post- Blue/White game interviews and stuff to listen to from the Voice of the Wildcats.

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