The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Blue/White Game Edition

Okay, 'Cat fans, here we go.  The Blue/White game is tonight, and we will learn a lot more about this team than we learned at Big Blue Madness, which essentially amounted to, "Josh Harrellson can shoot the ball and nobody else can do anything but dunk."  Hopefully, we will see something more meaningful tonight.

I am really anxious to see this team in a more formal game setting where there is something at stake.  As good talented as these guys are supposed to be, I want to see some of that talent express itself tonight.  I want some reason to believe that this team can be molded into a national contender.  I want to see what all the fuss is about.

It should be exciting, and of course, A Sea of Blue will have an open game thread for this game just like every other, so come one, come all, and join us tonight as we begin to experience the 2009-2010 season in earnest.

Now, for the news:


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UK Basketball News

UK Football News

  • UK Football: SEC honors Gonzalez:
    We can't honor members of the o-line enough this year.

  • - Don't expect runaway win when Kentucky, Mississippi State meet
    This will be a close game between two very well-matched teams. Don't believe me? Just look at the stats.

  • Cats gear up for Miss. State ground game |
    Sure, UK is giving up 174.1 yards a game on the ground. But that number is somewhat deceiving. Take away Florida's 362-yard rushing performance in a 41-7 loss on Sept. 26, and the Cats' average is a more respectable 142.8.

    I think opponents fail to account for cases like Florida, where a team throws in a clunker. You have to watch those, it can give you a deceiving sense of security.

  • No blackout on field for Cats | | The Courier-Journal
    Rich Brooks made one thing clear on Tuesday: Saturday's University of Kentucky "blackout" game against Mississippi State is strictly for the fans. Before he fielded a question or updated injuries, the UK coach told the media after practice that the Wildcats will be wearing their traditional look for Saturday's game.

    Good for you, Coach. Good for us, too. We don't need distractions, we need a victory.

  • Seasons hinge on UK-MSU rivalry |
    "I think, when you're in the lower half of the league historically, to get to the upper half, you not only have to knock off some of those big boys up there, you have to knock off the guys that are like you," Brooks said. "And Mississippi State and Kentucky have been like each other for quite a while, and the team that has won has had the edge up on being able to climb that ladder a little bit."

    It's hard to really overstate how big this game is. UK wins this one, and it looks like the fourth straight bowl is a done deal. Lose, and UK has serious work to do.

  • Anything but Gatorade: BLACKOUTS ARE FOR FUN, NOT FOOTBALL
    What he says.

Other UK Sports News

  • None today

NCAA Sports News

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