Kentucky 36, Louisiana-Monroe 13

Well, the score is much more impressive than the game.  Yes, UK dominated this affair offensively, but the problem is, ULM managed to move the ball through the air very effectively against Kentucky.

Thanks to the Warhawks of ULM for coming up to Commonwealth and showing us why they are among the best teams in their league.  Despite having their starting quarterback out with injury, they gave a fine account of themselves, and young Cody Wells was most impressive, both in ability and in bravery.

Cody Wells absolutely sold out against a powerful UK defensive line.  Despite getting hit hard over and over and over again, Wells stood in the pocket and threw darts all night long.  I was impressed with his effort, and if you were not, you must have been watching some other game.

While it's easy to criticize the Kentucky defense, the fact of the matter is, UK was just a little too quick to get on the board.  That wound up being a problem, because Kentucky's defense is a bit depleted, and it showed.  But at the end of the day, the 'Cats were way too much for their CUSA Sun Belt foe.  That's good, considering that the 'Cats were so banged up (and even more so with Micah Johnson in a knee brace), but Brooks has plenty of things to criticize in this game, both offensively and defensively.

For my further thoughts, follow the jump ...

  • Randall Cobb was amazing.  Why we don't get him the ball more is a mystery.
  • Derrick Locke played just the right amount of football -- enough to prove his leg was sound, but not enough to make it worse.
  • Cody Wells was amazing.  He threw rocket shots to competent receivers who caught his footballs.  Very impressive.
  • Kentucky's secondary was hapless.  We are better than that.
  • Sam Maxwell -- linebacker!
  • Danny Trevathan is not bad, either.
  • The O-line and D-line were terrific.
  • UK's quarterbacking, with the exception of Cobb, just sucked.  Period.
  • So much for the zero penalties, zero turnovers.
  • Nice pick six by Randall Burden.  Very nice.
  • Special teams was sub-standard with the exception of Randall Cobb's remarkable punt return.
  • No matter how many things I find to criticize, Kentucky did not play bad at all.  They won the game comfortably, and even though it sometimes got within two touchdowns, it was almost never closer.

This was a nice follow-on to our big victory at Auburn.  No, it wasn't perfect or powerful.  Yes, it was satisfactory and not embarassing.  In the end, we beat a CUSA Sun Belt team exactly like we should have -- soundly, and without fear.

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