Sharing The Hate

Channeling my inner Truzenzuxex has brought me peace concerning "Embracing The Hate" for our beloved program and all who thrive on it. But in the spirit of giving, since Christmas is just around the corner I wanted to send out a few thank you's and snippets to all of those who have been so dedicated to trying to run our Wildcats, their coach, and the fan-base into the ground over the last few months since our fortunes have made a turn for the better.

I want people to know that we are not selfish here at Kentucky, and that we want all types of folks to enjoy that which is Kentucky Basketball. I know my memory wont let me hit them all, so feel free to add anyone I might miss in your comments.


The list of individuals I would like to thank is long and distinguished, and includes many year in and year out favorites that we have all come to know and love, so I will start out with that most distinguished of analysts, Pat Forde. Pat, you have made a career this year out of muckraking and mudslinging in our direction whever the urge hit you, and whenever you came up for air from embossing Rick Pitino's backside in and out of the public eye. Thanks for all of those lovely words you have written and spoken about UK, we love you too.

Jerry Tipton, you are one of the most profound individuals in your profession in the Commonwealth. You can take a win and turn it into a loss, take a celebration and turn it into a funeral, or take a sunny day and bring out the rain. All with only the written word. Amazing....I am in awe sir.

Jeff Goodman, despite your appointed title from Tru as "The Loathsome Troll" , I want you to know that your words have been as insightful as anything in seeing this program for what it truly and really is......oh, wait, I am sorry.....that was someone else. Nevertheless, please accept my profound thanks for saying as little as possible in a positive manner concerning the Cats. All of your contributions are graciously accepted.

Every Duke Website and Blog on the Net, you guys have elevated UK  to a new level, inventing problems where none exist, complaining about players that were recruited, players that were asked to leave, coaches who are here, coaches who are not, fans who dont know anything about basketball, pointing out to us that we are all living in a fantasy world when it comes to our program......guys and much attention from such a small group, I am indeed flattered and amazed that you can still do all of that AND manage to complete coursework and get a degree. Very impressive, very.

Bruce Pearl, the man from Knoxville, the orange painted, bling sportin', last of a dying breed, man of the year in Tennessee. What can I say? have taken college basketball to places I never thought it could ever go. And now that you have managed to get all of those, what was it, "personalities"? rowing all in the same direction, you may have just found the formula that will allow you to keep 2nd place in the SEC for years to come. Congratulations, Bruce, nice to see you have finally arrived. (BTW, I wont make any mention about that silly "the title of the SEC goes through Knoxville line) No sense in making you look bad unnecessarily.

To all of the Louisville and Florida fans, you big kidders you. Here we thought none of you could stand us here at UK, and then you go and get your teams all ready to line up and have us run over them this year. We really should all get together over the holidays and sing Christmas Carols and drink Eggnog and talk about the good old days when you guys didn't have anything to cheer about when basketball season started, cause those days are back. Let's remember the times when you all had to run and hide when you saw us coming. Those really were the best of times. Nice to see they have returned.

And last, but certainly not least, to you folks over there at ESPN. You are no less than stellar when it comes to reporting about our Cats. Of Course, now that this big contract is out there with the SEC and you guys, I guess you will be really trying once again to get on our good side by sending out well wishes and nice op-ed pieces as the season goes along to help us feel better about our relationship. But don't worry, we don't remember most of the stuff you guys put out about us, why, we cant even read some of it without chuckling so hard we spill our shine out of the mason jars it's in.

Folks, let's remember what college sports is all about and enjoy the season, and you UK fans out there, let's give a big hand to all of the folks mentioned above, for as a famous man once said, "They are all honorable men".

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