The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Basking in the Afterglow

Much of the Big Blue Nation is still basking in the warm afterglow of this past weekend -- an amazing Big Blue Madness and a huge football victory over Auburn on the road is enough to make even the most jaded fan feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Today, we continue to enjoy the good feelings as Wildcat fans begin to look anxiously toward the annual Blue/White basketball game coming our way next Wednesday night at 7:00 PM, apparently to be widely televised throughout the area.  The Blue/White game is always a big deal around the Commonwealth because it gives the fans some idea of how quickly the new players are picking up the system, and in this case, that includes the old players since we have a new coach.

Before then, though, we have a big home game against the University of Louisiana-Monroe, a team that currently stands 3-0 in the Sun Belt and 4-2 overall.  This Warhawk team is fully capable of pulling the upset against Kentucky, an upset that Kentucky's bowl hopes simply cannot afford.

Now, for the news.

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The Daily Schadenfreude

  • Bluegrass State Basketball: Interesting Reading Material About UK at
    We linked this yesterday, but it's work another look. Ah, schadenfreude ...

  • On historical revisionism
    But this selective use of history cuts many ways. Pitino himself is a practitioner of it. Walk into U of L's practice facility and you're greeted by a plaque of "Pitino players in the NBA." Not former Cardinals in the NBA. Jamal Mashburn and Antoine Walker are on the wall. Rodney McCray and Pervis Ellison are not.

    Aww, now why did you have to go and spoil it, Eric? I was just beginning to enjoy this irrational meme, an you have to throw facts in there and gum up the works.

  • Intentional Foul " Duke’s Goodfellas
    But the side of me that appreciates a good marketing scheme does kind of enjoy the "risk" Duke basketball is taking with such a poster. Granted, the risk I’m talking about is ridicule; although, apparently that doesn’t matter to stud recruit Kyrie Irving, who appears ready to cast his four year (yeah, right) lot to Coach K and the rest of Cameron Indoor Stadium.

    Heh. Oh, schadenfreude, come on down.

  • Coach K Asks Students to be "Spontaneous" in Cameron
    Speaking in Page Auditorium tonight, Mike Krzyzewski asked a group of prospective K-Ville residents to return to the more "spontaneous" roots of the Cameron Crazies. Specifically, Krzyzewski asked students to eliminate the cheer sheets distributed before every game in favor of new and different chants for each opponent.

    However will the Dookies manage to cheer without cheat sheets? Hat tip: The Truth about Duke.

  • Full-Court Press Awaits Pitino at MSG -- NCAA Basketball FanHouse
    Rick Pitino's appearance at New York's Madison Square Garden Wednesday will surely be less pleasant than his previous one, when his Louisville team won the Big East tournament championship last March.

    Heh. Traitor Rick having a tough year. First misbehaves, then some of his team does. Follow the leader!

  • Jurich Owes No Apology To Football Fans | U of L Card Game
    Sadly, a small group of University of Louisville football fans believes Tom Jurich owes them an apology for a few comments. Yes, that Tom Jurich, the vice president of athletics, the person who over the last dozen years has made Louisville a major player across the board in NCAA athletics.

    Do you remember when this same Tom Jurich was being touted by many as one of the best AD's in the land? Must seem like a long time ago to Jurich.

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