Big Blue Daily Mail -- Mike Hartline Edition

You know, I made a comment yesterday that I thought the officiating in the South Carolina game was pretty good, and I still do for the most part, but one call they got wrong ultimately cost us Mike Hartline.

I had forgotten about it, but on the play on which Mike Hartline was injured by a blitzing USC cornerback, Kentucky was flagged for a procedural penalty.  Instead of whistling the play dead like they are supposed to, the officials allowed it to proceed, resulting in the injury.  So their failure to properly blow the play dead was directly responsible for the contact that resulted in Hartline's injury.  Talk about mistakes having consequences.

As of this morning, there is no official word on Hartline's injury, but Brooks is expecting the worst.  The very best we could hope for is an MCL injury, but I would be surprised if that's all it was.  But in any event, we should have the results of the MRI back fairly soon.  We'll know later today, and Brooks is scheduled for a presser around 1:00 PM today.

Now, for the news:

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UK Football News

  • Chizik signals depth distress -
    Chizik was not in a warm and fuzzy mood Sunday, and he took pains to avoid excuse-making. That said, he predicted that Auburn's depth issues on defense and special teams will only grow more pressing.

    Hard to be warm and fuzzy when you just got your hind parts handed to you.

  • Cobb at QB not the right answer |
    So give Fidler a shot. Give him reps, coach him up at practice, tweak the game-plan to suit his strengths. Get Newton ready, if not for Saturday's game at Auburn, then for some possessions the following three weeks when Louisiana-Monroe, Mississippi State and Eastern Kentucky come to Commonwealth.

    The Cats gave in to the Cobb-at-quarterback urge last season. This season, it's time to fight that urge.

    I'm inclined to agree with this, at least at the moment, and I'm fairly sure that's what we'll see.

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  • None today.

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The Daily Schadenfreuede

  • Rush The Court " Blog Archive " Buzz: Louisville Players Arrested
    Wanting to take some of the pressure of their coach’s personal problems, which have made him more delusional than usual, Terrence Jennings and Jerry Smith (one of the Cardinals co-captains this season) were arrested for resisting law enforcement after Jennings was involved in a fight around 1 AM this morning. The altercation happened at a Louisville alumni homecoming party at Kye’s ("THE place for your special event") in Jeffersonville, Indiana. [Ed. Note: I guess Porcini's isn't a popular spot for Louisville parties any more.]

    One word: Ouch!

  • Jennings and Smith Update - Mugshots
    All is not well in Cardland.

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