Thoughts from the Auburn game

Its after 1 AM... why I'm sitting here at the desk in my office instead of across town in my bed, I'll never know... but something drew me here to upload pics to my Facebook and share my experience with ASoB.  As I said in another thread, this was my first trip to Rupp in almost 3 years (Rondo's sophomore year I think was the last time I made it to a game) and the first time I've been at Rupp for an SEC game.  Also the first time I've sat in the lower level.  Here's my thoughts, in probably roughly chronological order on the night.

1.  $10 for parking is ridiculous (later in the night I would reflect that some people are downright rude as it nears midnight and the line in the parking lot lengthens)

2.  Even Kentucky Korner in Rupp doesn't have any neckties that play the Kentucky fight song.  Back around Christmas time, I had a handful of festive ties that played a medley of holiday songs.  One game day while wearing a UK tie, I thought it would be genius if I could find a tie that played "On, On UofK..."  Alas, it was not to be.

3.  We obtained tickets in Section 19.  I knew we had some good seats when I noticed they had cup-holders built in and padded seating.  (Its the corner of the endzone facing the benches where the opposing team shoots in the second half.)  Also, it just so happens to adjoin the seating area of the now famous dancing guy that Tru linked last week.  I have a 30 second video on my camera of it.  If I can figure out YouTube tomorrow... I'll see if I can get it posted here as a FanShot so you can all appreciate his skills on a personal level as I did.

4.  No matter how redneck I sometimes think myself to be... I can always rely on my fellow Kentucky fans to bring me back to reality.

5.  Its a small, small world.  Out of the 22,758 other fans in the entire arena... what are the chances that the random couple sitting next to us graduated from high school with my girlfriend (the guy) and with my younger brother (the girl)?

6.  Its easy to miss a Perry Stevenson tip in while you are admiring the retired jersies in the rafters.  (And why is Mashburn the last player to have his jersey up there?  Prince and Bogans were both AA's.  They need to be raised)

7.  One of the loudest cheers of the night came for Wayne Turner being introduced as the Y in Kentucky during the early part of the second half.

8.  Meeks is just as much of a stud in person as he is on TV.

9.  I get very nervous when both Meeks and Patterson are on the bench, no matter for how short a time.  Fans really want Porter to shoot those open threes, the crowd explodes when he passes it up.  Rupp is louder in person than it seems on TV.

10.  God I love Rupp.  Go Blue!  

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